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The Angry Chef was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor returned to Stephane Chapheau, who discovered that someone had stolen from him. Connor then followed Stephane throughout the city, assuring he survived his rampage.


  • Connor: Stephane, what is wrong? Where is Sam Adams?
  • Stephane: Who cares! I've been robbed! Ils vont me le payer ces scélérats de merde... (Those pieces of shit are going to pay for this...)

Stephane stormed out of the tavern.

  • Connor: Where are you going?!
  • Stephane: To get back what's rightfully mine!
    Oh! Regardez!
    (Look!) Some pathetic Redcoats waiting for a beating! I will match your face to your jacket, crapule! (Bastard!)

Connor killed the two Redcoats.

  • Stephane: Ces Coquins me prennent mon père au Canada et voilà qu'ils me ravissent ma propriete ici. Il suffit! (The dirty bastards take my father from me in Canada and now they take my property in Boston. I've had enough!)
    We are not English! We are not the King's men! We are free! But the King sends these REDCOATS to push us around! They are not our masters! This is our city! Let's show them who owns it! It's time to fight!
  • Connor: Stephane. Please. Stop and listen to me.
ACIII-AngryChef 1

Stephane followed by a group of civilians

  • Stephane: I've listened for long enough! They come into MY home and take MY things? I will get my revenge. The man responsible for this will pay. His friends will pay! Voilà trop longtemps que je subis ces affronts! Ils vont goûter de mon courroux! (For too long I've suffered these indignities! They will taste my wrath!)
    You looking for a fight, Englishmen!? I'll give you what you want!

Connor killed more Redcoats.

  • Stephane: Où que j'aille, l'Anglais croise mon chemin. Ils me volent ma maison, ils m'obligent à fuir mon pays. Et les voici qui veulent s'approprier ma NOUVELLE demeure! (I cannot escape the English, no matter where I go. They kick me out of my home, I come here. Now they want to take my NEW home!)
  • Connor: There is a way to fight injustice! But THIS is not it!

They came to a square where they overheard a taxman.

  • Taxman: Destroyed!? You stupid mongrel. And I suppose you want me to tell Johnson his tea just spontaneously combusted! Nonsense! Someone's responsible for this and you will find out who. And if you can't, I'll gut you and find a smarter mongrel who can.
  • Stephane: What do we do?
  • Connor: Create a window.

Stephane walked towards the taxman.

  • Taxman: Who the bloody hell are you?!

Stephane stabbed his cleaver into the taxman's shoulder.

  • Taxman: W-why?
  • Stephane: You have no right to rob people blind. By decree of the British Parliament or not.
  • Taxman: British Parliament? I work for William Johnson.
  • Stephane: Johnson?
ACIII-AngryChef 6

Connor urging Stephane to show compassion

  • Connor: End his suffering cleanly.
  • Taxman: Please...

Stephane and Connor met again on a nearby roof.

  • Connor: The people seem to have an ear for you. What of the things you lost?
  • Stephane: The people listened to me only because I spoke the truth loud enough, which is worth one thousand times the contents of my footlocker. The English, they can keep my THINGS.
  • Connor: You did well tonight.
  • Stephane: I said I'd buy you an ale when you first helped me. In place of drink I offer you my allegiance, for what it's worth.
  • Connor: Your aid is welcome and I am grateful. Now, I need to find Sam Adams.


The taxmen in Boston were driven away by Stephane and Connor. Furthermore, Stephane became an Assassin recruit under Connor's guidance.



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