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The Aftermath was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


After Cleopatra and Caesar had sided with the Order of the Ancients, Bayek and Aya decided to investigate the Tomb of Alexander the Great, which seemed to hold interest to the Order.


Later that day, in Alexandria' Popular District, Apollodorus caught up with Bayek and Aya. He grasped at Aya's hand, and she slammed him against a wall.

Origins Quest21TheAftermath Part01

Bayek and Aya unhappy with Apollodorus

  • Aya: So, you stand with Septimius now! And we are banned from the palace?!
  • Apollodorus: I do not begrudge the venom in your eyes. But listen for a moment.
  • Aya: Speak. Quickly. Or you will find yourself at the wrong end of my blade.
  • Apollodorus: Your services are no longer needed. Cleopatra has granted you gold. I am sorry, Aya.

Aya let go of Apollodorus, and made room for Bayek.

  • Bayek: Sorry? We gave her everything. We gave her the damned crown. And she stands next to him?
  • Aya: And where is justice for us? Septimius was supposed to be judged by Rome! Is Caesar protecting the Order?
  • Apollodorus: There are compromises to make a Queen of Cleopatra.
  • Bayek: The man who killed our son is now your ally! We are going to do whatever it takes to kill him, you realize?

Apollodorus restrained Bayek from speaking further as two city guards walked past, and then led them around the corner.

  • Apollodorus: Caesar blamed you for the death of Ptolemy XIII. A Pharaoh, a God, Bayek, I cannot change this.
  • Aya: Be damned what Caesar thinks. It is with Cleopatra that I made the pact.
  • Apollodorus: Give me time, Aya. I will ease this for us. Until then, I beg you, be careful. Not everything is as it seems.

Aya landed a punch against the wall, a few inches from Apollodorus' face.

  • Aya: Traitor.

Some time after the meeting with Apollodorus, Bayek and Aya met in a tavern with Phoxidas, Phanos, Tahira, and Pasherenptah. There, Aya angrily threw a knife at the wall.

Origins Quest21TheAftermath Part02

Bayek and Aya gathered with their allies

  • Phanos: With all my words... I have nothing to say now.
  • Tahira: Cleopatra has been poisoned by Rome, and we by her treachery. We will burn with Egypt.
  • Pasherenpath: The Order is stronger now, they have Rome!

The group began to argue. After a while, Bayek raised his voice.

  • Bayek: Hold on! Hold on!
    I was wrong! I am responsible. When my boy died, I fought back, with rage and anger, but this only made them stronger.
    We are all different, but we fought together to put Cleopatra on the throne. This was a mistake, my friends, but at least it brought us together.
    Now our enemies are hidden behind crowns, working in the shadows of Kings and Queens. Who are the ones that work in the shadows for the people? We are. Something has come of all of this. And it starts right now. We must continue the fight, and defend the free will of the people. And no matter how small, our brotherhood is the only hope and our kingdom needs no crowns. What we believe in, our values, our creed, will unify us. And I promise that for all the sons of Egypt, I will be the father I was not that day in Siwa.

Aya considered his words while Bayek raised a cup.

  • Bayek: To the brotherhood!

Aya left the room.

  • All: The brotherhood!

Bayek noticed Aya, and followed her to the porch.

  • Aya: You were right. I trusted the wrong goddess.
    There is a question that yet lingers. Septimius. He took Alexander's Staff of Eden. Why?
  • Bayek: Indeed. He and Flavius had too much interest in Alexander's tomb. We start there.

Bayek and Aya left for Alexander the Great's tomb, passing through Alexandria.

  • Aya: I will destroy Cleopatra for what she has done.
  • Bayek: We must focus on the issue at hand.
  • Aya: What is left, Bayek? Tell me one thing left for us?
  • Bayek: Siwa. The rest of our land. We cannot stop now, Aya. We have yet to find Khemu's killer.
  • Aya: Yes. We will not falter there.
  • Bayek: Guards! Ahead!
  • Aya: Another pile of bodies will prove our point.
  • Bayek: It has been too long since we were together for longer than a few days.
  • Aya: Has it? It seems but moments.
  • Bayek: Aya, it is not easy, this path we walk.
  • Aya: Only if you look at it as days and not goals, Bayek. Come. We must hurry.

They entered through the gate.

  • Aya: There are guards here...
  • Bayek: There is something amiss with all of this. Something foul.
  • Aya: These are all Romans. Caesar's men?

Aya climbed the outside wall with Bayek following close behind, and they infiltrated the tomb, making their way deeper.

  • Aya: The guards will be looking for us here.

As they approached, they could hear voices come from the depths of the tomb.

  • Apollodorus: You think you can fell me with that? Ha!
  • Bayek: Apollodorus?
  • Aya: We must move quickly!

Down the stairs, Apollodorus was under attack by several men, who then spotted the Siwans.

  • Soldier: You shouldn't have come here.
  • Bayek: At least we belong here.
  • Aya: Finally, someone we can kill.

With the guards slain, Aya and Bayek rushed to Apollodorus, kneeling beside him.

  • Aya: Stop your flailing. You will live, fool.

Aya tried to staunch the flow of blood.

Origins Quest21TheAftermath Part05

Apollodorus trying to tell Aya and Bayek about Khemu's murderer

  • Apollodorus: Flavius was behind it all... I am sorry... Flavius killed your son. They were here. They took the orb from me. They... go to Siwa.
  • Bayek: Siwa?
  • Apollodorus: Bayek... Aya... Your people are in danger. Go... now.

Convulsing, Apollodorus died. For a moment, Aya and Bayek simply knelt there, before Aya reached to close Apollodorus' eyes.

  • Aya: Fare thee well, Apollodorus, to the house of Hades.


Bayek laid the foundation of the Hidden Ones, and Apollodorus was killed by the Order. Before he died, he revealed to Bayek and Aya that Flavius was responsible for the murder of Khemu and had taken the orb to Siwa, which was now in danger.



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