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The Acrobat was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore discovered a woman standing on a roof, threatened by Byzantine guards. Upon asking what was bothering her, she informed Ezio that the guards had ruined her shop. Ezio decided to help.


  • Acrobat: A curse on you, thieves! You have ruined me! I hope the Janissaries pluck out your eyes and cut off your hands!
  • Ezio: Signora (Lady), what is troubling you?
  • Acrobat: Those brutes there. They attacked me in my home and robbed me of my possessions! Please help.

Ezio eliminated the harassing guards.

  • Acrobat: I owe you my life already, effendi (sir), but I must ask another favor. Will you follow?
  • Ezio: Where to?
  • Acrobat: Back to my shop where these men first set upon me. I fear they have taken or destroyed everything I own.
  • Ezio: Lead on.

Ezio followed the woman to her shop, where they discovered additional guards.

  • Acrobat: They are still here! Out you damn thieves! Get out of my shop!

They eliminated the remaining guards.

  • Acrobat: You have done a great good, effendi (sir). I am sorry I have nothing but my respect to offer you in return.
  • Ezio: You do not owe me anything, but consider lending your skills to the Assassins. You are a skilled climber, and could learn so much more.
  • Acrobat: Ah. I am grateful for the offer. Truly.


The Acrobat joined the Assassin ranks as an Apprentice.



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