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The Accidental Philosopher was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Tjepu has lost her son, Tefibi, and is terrified something has happened to him.


Bayek came across a woman calling for her son in Alexandria's southern docks.

  • Tjepu: Tefibi! Tefibi!
    When I get my hands on that boy he will pray that Osiris had taken him!
    Have you seen my idiot son? No? If you see him send him on my way. I will... buy whatever you have. Even if it is rancid. Tefibi!

Bayek approached the lady.

  • Tjepu: Medjay! Thank the gods! I have not seen one of your kind in many moons.
  • Bayek: What troubles you, little mother?
  • Tjepu: My son, Tefibi. The boy is mad, always running off. He wishes to be some sort of thinker, Set take him! He has taken to searching for a cave near the beach, he should have been back by now.
  • Bayek: If he is lost, I will find him.
  • Tjepi: Thank you, Medjay

Bayek reached the beach.

  • Bayek: This looks to be where she claimed Tefibi was.
ACO The Accidental Philosopher 02

Bayek finding torn clothes on the ground

Bayek discovered a bundle of clothes on the ground.

  • Bayek: Someone's clothing. Torn.

Bayek discovered a pool of blood in the water nearby.

  • Bayek: His wounds bled out in the water. He must have swam away.

Bayek discovered a trail of blood on the rocks nearby.

  • Bayek: The blood leads around the lighthouse. I wonder...

Bayek followed the trail to a small hut behind the lighthouse.

  • Bayek: The blood trail leads to this door. I must prepare myself.
ACO The Accidental Philosopher 04

Bayek finding Tefibi in the hut

Bayek destroyed the door and discovered a man lying on the floor.

  • Tefibi: Ah!
  • Bayek: Tefibi? Your mother sent me to find you.
  • Tefibi: Well, that's good. I would have hurt you otherwise. With my mind.
  • Bayek: (chuckles) I doubt it little man.
  • Tefibi: Okay please help me up.

Bayek helped Tefibi to stand up.

  • Tefibi: Whoa. Feeling a bit... dizzy. I think I lost a lot of blood.
  • Bayek: Then it is time we get you back to your mother.
  • Tefibi: She will be cross. Ah, fine. Lead on. I have enough strength to leave.
ACO The Accidental Philosopher 05

Bayek escorting Tefibi

Bayek and Tefibi left the hut and made their way back to Tjepu.

  • Tefibi: Mother sent a warrior to protect me. A philosopher does need a guard.
  • Bayek: I am not your guard. I am helping your mother.
  • Tefibi: Your badge. The eye of Horus?
  • Bayek: It is my Medjay badge.
  • Tefibi: Medjay? Ahhhhhh. Old Kingdom. Weren't they killed by the Ptolemies?
  • Bayek: They forgot one.
  • Tefibi: Would you let me write your story? The last Medjay would be a fantastic tale.
  • Bayek: Well, what kind of story would you tell, Tefibi?
  • Tefibi: I know! A fable! One to put even Aesopica to shame! I will make you a camel, I think.

A group of soldiers approached both Bayek and Tefibi.

  • Soldier 1: There! Get him. He robbed us!
  • Bayek: You stole from them?
  • Tefibi: Defend my free will warrior!
  • Bayek: I will deal with them.
  • Soldier 1: There! Get that map-thief!
  • Soldier 3: There's the rat that stole from us! Get that thief! Get back here, you gutless snake!
  • Soldier 1: The Phylakitai knows what you've done, thief! We will not let that pass!

Bayek eliminated the soldiers.

  • Bayek: There. That should be all of them.

He returned to Tefibi.

ACO - The Accidental Philosopher 2

Bayek speaking to Tefibi

  • Bayek: Tefibi did you leave anything else out of your adventure? Say a crate of drachmas?
  • Tefibi: You wound me, Medjay! I am in search of knowledge. And a drachma or two, but never in theft!
  • Bayek: It looks like there are no others coming, Tefibi. Return to your mother and your studies.
  • Tefibi: Come and see me anytime in Alexandria, Medjay! I will be a great philosopher, just you wait.
  • Bayek: I... look forward to it, Tefibi.


Bayek helped Tjepu to find her son Tefibi and bring him to safety.



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