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The Absent Handler was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Arbaaz Mir left his lover, Pyara Kaur in the Amritsar Summer Palace, setting out to find his Mentor Hamid.


  • Pyara: Must you leave so soon? I'd like to show you how good I have become at your magic tricks.
  • Arbaaz: That, I'd love to see. Should I pick a card? It's the Queen of Hearts...
  • Pyara: Very funny, you may be surprised to know that I have a concealed blade on me at all times, now.
  • Arbaaz: Really? I probably haven't searched you thoroughly enough!
  • Pyara: Maybe you should search me now.
  • Arbaaz: I'm sorry, my love, I have to meet with Hamid. He believes the Templars are looking for the Koh-I-Noor again.
  • Pyara: I told you keeping it was unwise.
  • Arbaaz: That's why I gave it to Hamid!
  • Pyara: Just be safe, my love. Don't do anything crazy.

Arbaaz went into town.

  • Arbaaz: Lots of guards around. I need to get to Hamid before they do.

Arbaaz reached the hideout.

  • Arbaaz: I'm too late. The Templars got here first. I will need to take them out in order to reach Hamid.

The Assassin cleared the guards.

  • Arbaaz: Where are you, Hamid? Where did they take you? Looks like Hamid at least put up a good fight. If I follow Hamid's blood trail, it should lead me straight to him.

Arbaaz followed the trail of blood through the town, into an alleyway.

  • Arbaaz: The blood trail leads down here. Time to take a shortcut.

Eventually, Arbaaz located a high-ranking officer.

  • Arbaaz: I'll need to find an officer. He'll know the whereabouts of Hamid. I'll need to remain unseen, though. These officers are cowards and will flee at the first sign of danger.

Arbaaz followed the officer and knocked him out.

  • Arbaaz: Me and you need to have a little talk.

Some time later, the officer woke up, dangling upside down off the side of a building.

  • Officer: Please, I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Arbaaz: I followed my friend's blood trail out here.
  • Officer: I'm sorry for your friend, but I don't remember him. A lot of people have passed through here today.
  • Arbaaz: You better remember him, quickly. The rope you're tied to is old and frayed. I don't know how long it'll hold.
  • Officer: Ahhhhhh! Wait, wait, I remember him!
  • Arbaaz: Go on...
  • Officer: He was here. They took him to the main Templar building at the edge of town. It's a fortress, you'll never get in, but I can help you. Pull me up and I'll take you to your friend.
  • Arbaaz: I'll take my chances alone.
  • Officer: Wait! You said you'd pull me up! You can't leave me here...


Arbaaz Mir located Hamid and set out to free his friend and Mentor.



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