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The Abbott Extraction was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

The intel we collected from Lieutenant del Salto's villa in León tells us that Ramírez has ordered the capture and torture of a sect of monks from the Asturias mountains. They are said to honor a fragment of Saint James' golden staff, which could be the third section of the Staff of Eden.

The monks are being held in one of the Inquisition's strongholds in the slums of Oviedo. We must infiltrate the place, free the monks, and learn as much as possible about their relic, in order to ascertain if it is indeed the section of the Staff the Inquisition seeks.


The Assassins met in the attic of the Inquisition lair and made their way through the base, eventually finding a monk tied to a chair in a holding cell and freeing him from his restraints.

  • Monk: I thought I was dead! Take these coins, it's the least I can do to thank you for freeing me. And please save our abbot!

The monk gave Aguilar 350 coins. The Assassins continued through the rooms until they found another monk similarly restrained and freed him as well.

  • Monk: Thank you! I only have a few coins to give you to express my gratitude. Please save our abbot and make those bastards pay!

The monk gave Aguilar another 350 coins. The Assassins continued through the rooms until they reached a basement torture chamber, where Ramírez and an executioner interrogated the restrained abbot as a guard watched nearby.

  • Ramírez: You are bound by oath to obey your superiors in the church! Disobeying Grand Inquisitor Torquemada is tantamount to treason!
  • Abbot: On the contrary–I do not obey the Inquisition, but God himself! I have nothing to say to you!

Furious, Ramírez turned to the Executioner.

  • Ramírez: Executioner! You will torture this man, and will not stop until he has confessed all he knows about the precious relic! But make sure he does not die before that.
  • Executioner: It is an honor, Inquisitor. And because he is such a heretic, it will also be a pleasure!

Ramírez exited out the chamber's main door. The moment it shut behind him, the Assassins ambushed the guard and the Executioner, both of whom engaged the Assassins in combat but were fatally wounded. Alone with the abbot, Aguilar freed him from his restraints just as Diego de Alvarado entered the room.

  • Alvarado: Good job on freeing the abbot. Now let's listen to what he has to say.
  • Abbot: Good friends, you have my thanks for freeing me from the horrors of the torture chamber. Yet no one is safe if they find our sacred relic! I will tell you everything about it, but you must promise to recover it and defend it from Ramírez and his men. Many years ago, we gave the relic to Pedro Madruga, a pious lord of Galicia and protector of our monastery, begging him to hide it. Madurga agreed, and took it to his castle of Sobroso, to keep it safe there. Alas, he died a few years ago... The castle of Sobroso is now uninhabited, but the relic must still be there. Find it! It cannot fall into the hands of the Inquisition. And may God bless your task!



The app registers players rescuing the first monk they come across as having completed the mission with 100% synchronization, despite the fact that the captive abbot is still many rooms away. As of this writing, this issue has not been patched out.


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