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That's Gonna Leave a Mark was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


While trying to find a way into Emilio Barbarigo's Palazzo, Ezio Auditore watched as Rosa and several thieves made an attempt to break in. While climbing the wall, Rosa was shot in the leg by nearby archers, and fell from the wall. Ezio calculated that she might make an important ally and helped her across the city, defending her from the guards.


Ezio arrived at the Palazzo della Seta.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark 2

Rosa scaling the Palazzo

  • Ezio: How best to get inside? I'll scale the wall and....oh that's not good. I'll never make that jump. I need to find another way.

The same group of thieves Ezio saw earlier lured away the guards at the entrance. Rosa then attempted to climb the palazzo and Ezio saw her using the climb leap move to clear the gap. She was soon shot in the leg by an arrow and fell. Trying to get away, she ran into Ezio.

  • Rosa: I need your help.
  • Ezio: Hey, I remember you.
  • Rosa: We need to go!
  • Ezio: You never did apologize for knocking me over.
  • Rosa: Now!
  • Ezio: Va bene, (Okay,) where to?
  • Rosa: The water.
  • Ezio: That doesn't exactly narrow it down...

Rosa took off running and Ezio followed. They fought their way through guards on their way back to the thieves guild.

  • Rosa: I'd be better off on my own!
    What are you doing?! Hurry up!
    Goddam archers...
    Quickly! They're getting closer!

Eventually, the pain in Rosa's leg became too much to bear and Ezio was forced to carry her the rest of the way.

  • Rosa: Ahh! Cristo, my leg!
  • Ezio: Can you walk?
  • Rosa: What do you think?!
  • Ezio: I never did catch your name.
  • Rosa: Rosa.
  • Ezio: Onorato, (Honored to meet you,) Rosa. I'm Ezio.
  • Rosa: I know.
  • Ezio: What do you mean "I know"?
  • Rosa: Non ora. (Not now.) Now is not the time for small talk. Or are you blind?
    Hey! Hey! Don't forget about me!
    I hope you weren't planning on leaving me here!
    Pick me up!

They soon met Ugo at the dock.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark 5

Ezio carrying Rosa to safety

  • Rosa: Ugo!
  • Ugo: What's this?!
  • Ezio: Rosa's been wounded.
  • Ugo: Pass her here. We'll go the rest of the way in the boat.
  • Ezio: Careful.

He handed Rosa over to Ugo. They noticed that a nearby guard was shooting at them.

  • Ezio: Go! I'll deal with the guards!

Ezio defeated the guards, protecting the gondola. Ugo and Rosa were unharmed, but another thief in the boat was killed.

  • Ugo: Kill them, Ezio! Quickly!
  • Rosa: Keep going, Ezio! Clear the way for us!
  • Ugo: They're all over the rooftops! Do something! Quickly!
  • Rosa: Figlio di puttana! (Son of a bitch!) Stop them!
  • Ugo: They're shooting at us!
  • Rosa: They're still shooting at us!

The three finally reached the thieves guild.

  • Rosa: He's dead, idiota! (idiot!) Say a prayer later! I need to see--ugh--I need to see Antonio!
  • Ugo: Porco demonio! (Goddammit!)

Ugo tried to lift Rosa out of the gondola, but it caused her pain.

  • Ezio: Be careful! Let me do it! Go and find Antonio!
  • Rosa: Oh, cristo, Ugo! Do what he says!
  • Ugo: Qua l'ultimo arrivato da gli ordini! (I can't believe I'm taking orders from this guy!)

Frustrated, Ugo went to find Antonio. Ezio went to Rosa.

  • Rosa: So tired...
  • Ezio: Hey, hey! Wake up!

Ezio carried Rosa inside the Thieves guild.

  • Ezio: We need help!
  • Ugo: Where's Antonio?! Make yourselves useful! Clear a space for her! (to Ezio) Put her down, there.

Ezio carefully put Rosa on a table.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark 8

Ugo and Rosa arriving at the Thieves guild

  • Rosa: Where are we?
  • Ezio: Home. They've sent for help.
  • Rosa: Thank you...
  • Antonio: Rosa! What's happened?
  • Rosa: Just get this thing out of me!
  • Antonio: Soon, soon. Let's have a look first. Clean entry and exit through the thigh. That's good.
  • Rosa: Get. It. Out!
  • Antonio: Rosa, we must take care not--
  • Rosa: NOW!
  • Antonio: Come vuoi. (As you wish.) Tenetela (Hold it)!

He snapped the arrow in two and pulled it out of Rosa's leg, causing her pain.

  • Antonio: I'm sorry, piccola. (sweetheart.)
  • Rosa: Sorry?! Ficcatelo nel culo your sorry! (You can shove your "sorry" up your ass!)
  • Antonio: Go fetch Bianca and be quick! (to Ezio) Help me with this.
  • Ezio: How?
  • Antonio: Take a clean piece of linen. When I remove my hand, press the cloth into her wound. Are you ready? Now!

Ezio did so.

  • Rosa: Ahh! Porca puttana! (son of a bitch!)
  • Antonio: Ben fatto. (Well done.) You work well under pressure. She's spirited, this one.
  • Rosa: Porca puttana!
  • Antonio: Avanti! (Come on!) Get Rosa inside so that Bianca can close the wound! (to Rosa) You'll be alright. The worst has past.
  • Rosa: Ti venisse il cancro, brutto bastardo! (I hope you catch plague, you bastard!) ...a te e quella grandissima troia di tua madre! ( and your whore mother!)
That's Gonna Leave a Mark 9

Antonio, removing the arrow from Rosa's thigh

A group of thieves took Rosa inside.

  • Antonio: Thank you. Rosa is most dear to me. If I had lost her...
  • Ezio: I've always had a soft spot for women in distress.
  • Antonio: So I've heard. Don't look so surprised. We know all about you, Ser Ezio. Your work in Firenze and the rest of Tuscany. Good work too, if a little unrefined.
  • Ezio: Then you know why I'm in Venezia?
  • Antonio: I can guess. When you have a minute, come see me in my office. There's something we should discuss.


Ezio became an ally of the Thieves Guild of Venice and met Rosa and Antonio for the first time.


Even if Ezio manages to save all three thieves on the boat from the guard's arrows, the third thief that was with Lucy and Ugo will be shown dead upon arriving the Thieves' Guild.



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