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The island of Thasos

Thasos is a Greek island located in the northern Aegean Sea that was historically famous for its high quality white marble. Together with Lemnos, Thasos formed the Hephaistos Islands.


In the 5th century BCE, Thasos' marble was exported far and wide across the world, and the island became one of the most reputable sources for the material. The island's mining industry first began to boom a few centuries prior to this, and aside from marble, it also produced silver. [citation needed]

Famous for the marble of Aliki Quarry and wine of the Vineyard of Glory[1], Thasos also supplied wood[2] and almonds, which were considered a delicacy available to wealthy citizens in places like Athens.[3]

As a primarily industrial area, its population was relatively low. Like most islands in the region, it is covered in deciduous forests. [citation needed]


To Thasians, the most important deity in the Greek pantheon was Herakles, the legendary hero. He was worshipped throughout the island, but especially in Thasos City, wherein was located a temple dedicated to him. This reverence was also displayed in minting coins bearing the hero's image.[4]


The island of Thasos was made up of three regions:



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