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Thaletas was a Spartan polemarch who lived during the 5th century BCE. He developed a warm relationship with Kyra.


When Podarkes' efficient cruelty took its toll on Kyra's rebellion during the Peloponnesian War, she sent out calls for help to Sparta as well as to the "eagle-bearing misthios", Kassandra.[1]

Thaletas and a number of others were dispatched to the Silver Islands to combat the Athenian armies of Podarkes. Along the way their fleet fell into a trap set up by the Cult of Kosmos, sinking their three ships[2] and killing several of Thaletas' companions, including generals. Because of this, Thaletas assumed the role of the polemarch for the remaining Spartans.[1] [3] With the ship also sunk Thaletas' prized heirloom, the helmet of his grandfather, who had fought and fallen with King Leonidas at Thermopylai.[4]

While Thaletas had left for the Silver Islands in order to merely strike a blow against the Athenians, meeting Kyra changed that, according to Thaletas. In his own words, seeing Kyra made him sure he'd never leave the islands. He thought this to be love, though meeting Kassandra made him question it all.[3]





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