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Thaddeus' Charge was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Spartan scouts have reported that the famed General Thaddeus has appeared in Korinthia and is leading his troops directly towards us.

We cannot miss this opportunity to weaken the Athenian war effort. We must fight our way through the enemy camp and eliminate Thaddeus. There is great honor and fortune to be earned by completing such a bounty!


The assigned mercenaries made their way through the Athenian camp and soon reached General Thaddeus, who engaged them in combat but was fatally wounded.

  • General Thaddeus: Mercenary scum! You may have bested me in battle, but you will not live to receive your bounty. General Aetius will come, with forces twice as fierce as my men. Your Spartan masters won't stand a chance! *cough, gasp* I will be avenged, and you will be shown no mercy!


The mercenaries killed Thaddeus, removing another key leader from the Athenian's campaign, leaving General Aetius the sole survivor.


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