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Tessa, after death

Tessa Kenway (née Stephenson-Oakley; died 1747) was the second wife of Edward Kenway, the mother of Haytham, and the grandmother of Ratonhnhaké:ton. She is also an ancestor of Desmond Miles, through the paternal line.


Tessa was the daughter of a wealthy landowner.[1] In 1723, Edward Kenway retired from a life of piracy, and was introduced to the Stephenson-Oakley family by Robert Walpole.[2] The former pirate rented out one of Tessa's father's houses. Tessa decided to help Edward buy his own home and to find the necessary servants, eventually falling in love and marrying him. Her family disapproved of the union, leading to them becoming estranged.[1]

With the birth of Haytham, Tessa, Edward and Edward's daughter from his first marriage, Jennifer, lived in a manor on Queen Anne's Square in Bloomsbury. There, Tessa treated Haytham with unequivocal affection, until the night before his tenth birthday in 1735.[1]

On this night, five mercenaries broke into the house, and she witnessed her son kill an assailant in order to protect her. As a result of this attack, Edward, an Assassin, was killed for a journal that he possessed, which contained encoded information about the First Civilization.[1]

Following this, seeing her son as a killer, as opposed to the innocent boy he had been prior to the assault, Tessa agreed to let Reginald Birch train Haytham in Europe. She stayed behind in England to oversee the reconstruction of the manor, but passed away twelve years later after suffering a fall.[1]




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