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"You might have noticed, I've got a bit of a temper problem."
―Terry to Connor.[src]

Terry (fl. 1769 – 1781) was a Scottish lumberjack who resided in the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolutionary War, along with his wife, Diana, and their two sons.


Early life and meeting Connor

Prior to arriving on the Homestead, Terry and his companion Godfrey set up camp in the nearby forest and had begun lumbering north of Champlain, New York. Godfrey described the distance from their camp to the Davenport Homestead as a "few rods" away.[1]

While directing timber down the river one day, Terry was swept downstream, clinging to a log as he drifted toward a waterfall. A young Ratonhnhaké:ton saved Terry, and invited both him and Godfrey to set up a sawmill on the Homestead, where they provided lumber for trading and crafting purposes.[1]


Sometime later, a robber targeted Terry's home, and though Connor apprehended the man the event still caused Terry great anxiety. Provoked to anger by Godfrey, who treated the situation lightheartedly, Terry eventually came to blows with his friend over the incident.[2]

Terry's sons, frightened, raced off and called for Connor. He followed them to the scene of the brawl and intervened, breaking it up. Diana then patched Terry's wounds, telling Connor there was no cause for concern. Godfrey later informed Connor that Terry often brawled with him, but Godfrey was the stronger of the pair and could overpower Terry if need be.[3]

Life on the Homestead

When Father Timothy first arrived on the Homestead and revealed his English origins, Terry and Godfrey chuckled, as they had little regard for the British. Timothy stressed that he had no allegiance to the British, and only wished to spread the word of God. Terry replied that the members of the Homestead were hardworking people, and if Father Timothy wished to stay, he would have to earn his keep. Timothy agreed, and the townsfolk supported the construction of a church, built with funds provided by Connor.[4]

Terry later assisted in the fight against British soldiers who came to the Homestead to arrest David Walston for desertion, alongside Connor, Godfrey, and Myriam.[5]

After the wedding of Norris and Myriam, Terry was present at the reception with Diana, Godfrey, and Catherine, where they all reflected on their own weddings.[6] Terry was also present at the funeral of Achilles Davenport, and laid a rose on his coffin.[7]


  • Terry is a diminutive, usually of Terence or Terrence.
  • Terry and Diana were illiterate, as they required Father Timothy's assistance to read a letter from Terry's favorite cousin, Jock. This letter mentioned that Jock was due to arrive at the Homestead in one or two week's time.
  • Terry smoked a pipe, as he was seen using one in the Mile's End from time to time.
  • Terry, frustrated that he couldn't beat Godfrey at anything, built a Bowls' field near the Mile's End so he could contend with his friend. However, he still failed to win any of their matches.
  • During the winter seasons on the Homestead, Terry's sons could be seen erecting snowmen outside of their home, and giggling as they placed sailor caps on them. They could also be found laughing and chasing each other in Warren and Prudence's fields.




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