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Tereysa de Lyaño was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Reconquista.


Tereysa de Lyaño was a tavern girl in the Spanish port of Dénia during the Renaissance. Born to a farming family, Tereysa made her way to Dénia seeking a more vibrant and exciting life. She found great satisfaction in talking to the pirates who came into the tavern, finding their tales invigorating and inspiring.[1]

When she met Rodrigo de Mendoza and Alonso Pinto, she shared her hope that she could one day sail with a pirate crew, and they invited her to join them. A fast learner and very nimble, Tereysa settled into the life of a pirate very quickly. Her bravery, agility, and quick grasp of sword-fighting skills earned her the respect of her crewmates.[1]

When Rodrigo joined the Brotherhood after having his holdings confiscated by the Spanish Inquisition, Tereysa followed him unhesitatingly.[1]

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