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ACU Paris Temple

The Temple

The Temple was a medieval fortress located in Paris, which was used as the headquarters of the Knights Templar until their public disbandment in 1307. The 13 october 1307, the Temple was attacked by surprise by a regiment of king Philip's men lead by Esquieu de Floyrac, a Templar traitor, and the Assassin Thomas de Carneillon. During this attack, the Grand Master Jacques de Molay sent a Templar  to hide two relics in his vault: a sword of Eden and the Codex Pater Intellectus. The Templar succed to taking back the two objects from Thomas Carneillon after a fight and hide them in the de Molay's vault. Four centuries later, a Sage , Francois-Thomas Germain had vision from his previous life which lead him to de Molay's vault and he discovered the sword and the codex. He dicovered his true personnality and decided with this knowledges to refunded the Templar Order but he was judged heretic and was exile from the Order by the Grand Master Francois de la Serre. Then he organised with other Templars, the assassination of de la Serre  and the French Revolution to take control of France and human race by showing the danger of freedom. After the end of Monarchy the Temple became the prison for the royal family. In July 1794, Germain confronted in the Temple's vault the daughter of de la Serre, Elise, and the Assassin Arno Dorian, who both wanted to avenge the death of de la Serre. Germain used the sword of Eden and with a blast, killed Elise. Arno finished off Germain with his hidden blade. In his dying words Germain explained to Arno why he organised the Revolution and somebody else will take his place. Arno left the Temple with the body of Elise and left behind him the corpse of Germain. In 1808, the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte decided the destruction of the Temple. Arno returned in the vault with Napoleon to took the skeleton of Germain and hide it in the catacombs.


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