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"Together we shall usher in the dawn of a New World. One in which our hands will ensure that all things find their proper place. My daughter, you are one of us now..."
―Madeleine inducting Aveline into the Templar Order, 1777.[src]

Madeleine de L'Isle (1732 – 1777) served as Master Templar in the Southern Colonies of America, operating under the alias of the "Company Man". Living in New Orleans, she was the second wife of the wealthy French merchant Philippe de Grandpré, though she was the first to be legally recognized.

After Madeleine discovered proof that a First Civilization artifact was located in Mexico, she devised a plan to acquire workers to excavate it. She subsequently entrusted the execution of said plan to her right-hand man, Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer.

Simultaneously, she noticed the potential of her stepdaughter, Aveline de Grandpré, and decided to groom her for membership in the Templar Order. Manipulating Aveline's biological mother Jeanne into leaving New Orleans, Madeleine then adopted the role of doting stepmother. When her stepdaughter later joined the Assassins, Madeleine managed to subtly procure valuable information on the Brotherhood, allowing her to become the head Templar of Louisiana. (read more...)

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