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This article is about the Templar rank. You may be looking for the equivalent rank in the Assassin Brotherhood.

The position of Templar leader was given to any member of the Templar Order who had leadership over a Templar branch of the order.[1]

Although the leader of a Templar Rite typically held the rank of Grand Master,[1] there have been known instances where the leader instead only held the rank of Master Templar,[2][3] usually because they operated on behalf of another Rite's Grand Master.[2][4]

By the 21st century, the Grand Masters no longer held the highest rank among the Templar Order. They were instead answerable to the Guardians, who in turn answered to the General of the Cross.[5]

Known Templar leaders

Leaders who are known to also have attained the rank of Grand Master are marked with an asterisk. (*)

British Rite

Byzantine Rite

Chinese Rite

Colonial Rite / American Rite

Knights Templar

Order of the Ancients

Parisian Rite

Roman Rite

West Indies Rite / Caribbean Rite

Other Rites


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