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Templar Ambush was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having learned of a planned ambush on Élise, Arno rushed to save her.


Arno broke into the de la Serre estate, searching for Élise.

  • Arno: Élise! Élise!
    Damn it! Where was it... l'Hôtel Voysin? (Shit.)

Arno reached the Hôtel Voysin, and found a Templar posing as Lafrenière approaching Élise.

  • Élise: Who are you?

The Templars attacked Élise, and Arno intervened.

  • Élise: What are you doing here?
  • Arno: Later!

Élise pointed a pistol at Arno, only to shoot an attacking thug behind him.

  • Élise: What's going on? Where is Monsieur Lafrenière?
  • Arno: He's dead.
  • Élise: What?

Snipers fired at them.

  • Arno: Go! I'll explain later!
  • Thugs: Get her! Cut them off! Kill her! She's here! Move in!

Arno and Élise ran into a maze, and were attacked by more thugs.

  • Élise: No way past this one.
  • Arno: Shall we?
  • Élise: Let's.

They killed their attackers.

  • Arno: What's wrong?
  • Élise: I'm... not sure how to get out again.
  • Arno: I'll climb up and take a look.
  • Élise: How do we get out of here?
    Just admit it. You're lost.
    Where to?
    Where do we go?
    Any bright ideas?
  • Thugs: Where are they?
    Find them!
    Catch them!
  • Thug 1: Dammit! Another dead end.
  • Thug 2: Can't see a damn thing in here! How the hell do we get out?
  • Thug 1: They must be in here somewhere!
  • Thug 2: Over there! No, wait, dammit, that's Claude.

They escaped the maze.

  • Arno: Two of them up ahead.
  • Élise: You take that one. I'll handle his friend.

Together, they killed the two searchers.

  • Élise: What now?
  • Arno: Too many of them to sneak past. We'll have to work together - take them out quietly.
  • Thug 3: Have you seen a young woman? Tall? Red hair?

Arno and Élise killed two more searchers.

  • Élise: I think that was all of them.
  • Arno: We're clear. There's a bigger group coming up, though.
  • Thug 4: Did you see a young woman come through here?
  • Civilian: No. Desole.

They killed three more searchers.

  • Arno: Wait. Snipers.
  • Élise: I see them. Perhaps you can get a better angle from the roof.

Arno killed the snipers and helped Élise kill the remaining thugs.

  • Élise: Looks like the last of them.
  • Arno: Let's get out of here.
  • Thug 5: They can't have gotten far. Find them!

As Élise prepared to fight the thugs, Arno stopped her.

  • Arno: Go on. I'll distract them. Trust me. Meet me tomorrow at Café Théâtre. I'll explain everything.
  • Élise: You're mad. I'll be there.
  • Arno: I may be a little late.

As Arno distracted the thugs, he escaped from them.


Arno reunited with Élise and rescued her from the Templar ambush. He then instructed her to meet him at the Café Théâtre.


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