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Malik "Tazim" Al-Sayf (fl. c. 1226) was a member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins and the son of Malik Al-Sayf.


Early life[]

Tazim was raised by his family after his father, Malik, was beheaded by Swami on the order of Abbas Sofian. Tazim grew up away from Masyaf, but he returned and joined the Assassins. Although Abbas was not training the Assassins in combat, Tazim was one of the few who continued to learn combat skills secretly. Tazim pretended to believe Abbas' lies about Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, however he believed Altaïr would return and overthrow Abbas.

Retaking the Order[]

When Abbas and the Assassins heard that Altaïr had returned to Masyaf, Tazim took the opportunity to accept the job of following Altaïr through the village. Altaïr noticed the Assassin following him, and called for the Assassin to strike, if he had the skill. Tazim appeared, and told Altaïr the truth about how Abbas had destroyed the Order. After Altaïr realized that Tazim was Malik's son, he embraced the younger Assassin, with tears of joy in his eyes. Tazim stated that he would gather other Assassins who were still loyal to Altaïr, and meet him in the village, where they would end Abbas' rule of the Order.

A few days later, Altaïr waited in the village with the villagers, who were eager to help. Altaïr was looking for Tazim and his Assassins, when he found out that all of Tazim's men were already in the crowd, displaying their blending skills. Altaïr led the group of Assassins up the hill, stating that he wished for no Assassins to be killed on either sides.

During the battle to reclaim Masyaf, Tazim served as Altaïr's bodyguard, only leaving his side when Altaïr told him to tackle one of Abbas' Assassins, who was killing other Assassins. Tazim was present when Altaïr shot Abbas with the Hidden Gun, and helped to rebuild the Order afterwards.


  • Tazim is an Arabic name that means "to venerate, to show respect, to revere"; Al-sayf is Arabic for "the sword".
  • Tazim told Altair that he had two names. Tazim was the name he was called in the Brotherhood, while another name was given to him by his mother in honor of his father Malik. After Altair regained control over the Brotherhood, Tazim was called Malik.