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AC4 Tavern

A tavern in Great Inagua

A tavern or inn is a public meeting house where patrons can receive food, alcohol and even lodging. Customers can also gamble or listen to music.


During his time in Rome, Ezio Auditore da Firenze helped the Roman Thieves Guild set up their main base of operations by renovating the tavern, La Volpe Addormentata.[1]

To gain access to a tavern in the Caribbean, Edward Kenway had to prove himself by fighting off the aggressive local patrons. By bribing the bartender, he could receive information on naval convoys and treasure maps, as well as recruit crew members for the Jackdaw.[2]

Much like Edward, Shay Cormac was only able to safely enter a tavern if he had already cleared it of resident thugs and bandits. Once he had done so, Shay could bribe the bartender for information on supply camps, naval convoys and royal convoys. He could also recruit new crew members for the Morrigan.[3]

Edward's Templar son Haytham discussed information with his accomplices in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston and, together with Kaniehtí:io, eavesdropped on British Regulars in a Lexington tavern. Their son, Ratonhnhaké:ton, mainly went to taverns to speak with his Assassin apprentices and did not partake in the drinking.[4]




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