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Tatfrid (died 870s), also known as The Lyre, was an Anglo-Saxon musician and a member of the Order of the Ancients, serving as Maegester of the Wardens of Wealth sect during the late 9th century. He frequented within the marketplace of Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire, whether shopping or performing a solo with his lyre.


Joining the Order almost by accident, Tatfrid fought with the Norse and led an accomplished raid in Wessex. During the raid, he let three of his prisoners live. One of these prisoners happened to be The Crozier, who recruited him due to his combat skills and his adept leadership. With hard work and effort, Tatfrid rose to be the leader of the Wardens of Wealth.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir first learned of a clue, which gave the title, The Lyre, upon assassinating Wigmund, The Tang. With the help of Soma, Eivor helped Grantebridgescire be rid of Wigmund's influence over the region.[2] The first clue of six, from Wigmund's personal effects, led Eivor discovering that The Lyre spent his time browsing the market. After assassinating Patrick, The Anvil, Eivor discovered from his personal effects that The Lyre's facial features included brown hair, a goatee, and a mustache.[1]

Along her journey, Eivor was directed towards Havelok, The Billhook, and then assassinated him inside at his villa. Investigating, Eivor discovered another clue, which detailed that the Lyre was a man. Keeping on her track, Eivor also found out more clues leading her to the next target, Mucel, The Lathe. Deducing his location, Eivor tracked him down and assassinated him at a dock. After his death, Eivor looked over his personal effects and read another clue that the Lyre is ironically a playing musician. The next target, from Mucel's notes, happened to lead Eivor to find and discover Gifle, The Ash-Spear. Locating Gifle at a bandit camp, Eivor went in and assassinated the man. Among Gifle's personal effects, Eivor learned from another clue that the true name of The Lyre is Tatfrid.[1]

While looking over possible alliances, Eivor pledged to Lincolnscire, after receiving Hunwald's need for help, after being ousted by members of a "secret" Order.[3] Throughout securing this alliance, Eivor was then led to decide the fate of the next ealdorman, after finding out that ealdorman Hundbeorht had been deceased for a while.[4][5] After casting her vote, Bishop Herefrith revealed himself as The Crozier. After dealing with Herefrith's betrayal, Eivor, Aelfgar, and Hunwald declared a siege on Anecastre.[6] During the siege, Eivor saw that Herefrith was hiding within a church, locked away from the warfare. Luckily, through a glass window, Eivor broke in and assassinated the bishop. From his personal effects, Eivor found out Tatfrid's location. Tatfrid was seen either playing his lyre or wandering around the marketplace of Grantebridge.

Arriving in Grantebridge, Eivor located Tatfrid. Eivor assassinated the Maegester and put a final end to the Wardens of Wealth's activities over England.[1]


  • Tatfrid's cutscene in the Memory Corridor is quite brief, when compared to the cutscenes of other Maegesters, such as Fulke or Gorm Kjotvesson.
  • As stated, Herefrith had recruited Tatfrid within the Order. This is the second relationship that Herefrith had a part in, as the first instance was with Havelok.