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Eivor: "You must have seen one hundred summers, old man."
Tata: "It feels thus."
—Eivor and Tata in the latter's final moments, 870s.[src]-[m]

Tata (died 873), also known as The Dart, was a member of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of Law sect, holding the title of Palatinus. He used to frequent around Quatford's stables in eastern Sciropescire. Apart from the Order, Tata was known by another alias, Defender of Otta's Wyrd.


Tata: "Offa told everyone he was Christian. He was not, he was one of us. He only wanted the silver and the swords for his men on Mercia."
Eivor: "And you have kept his tradition going?"
Tata: "Without flinching. Without hesitating. Offa would be proud of me."
—Offa to Eivor in his final moments, 870s.[src]-[m]

Speaking his own tales, Tata claimed that he rose from the grounds of Mercia, insinuating his devotion for the land. As a young boy, Tata rode across the lands of Sciropescire, Ledecestrescire, and Oxenefordscire. Tata's continuance of a legacy started when his grandfather fought for old King Offa of Mercia. Being intelligent and considerate, Tata learned everything about the old King, including his membership towards the Order. Thus, Tata wanted the same path, joined the Order, and rapidly rose towards the rank of Palatinus. Tata's alias, The Dart, came to be as a note to his experience and stability.[1]

In the 870s, Tata's membership within the Order was uncovered by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir, who found found a clue when she assassinated Eanbhert in his home in Glowecestre, Glowecestrescire. This clue spoke of the ruined tower east of Caustow Castle, Sciropescire, as The Dart's business was mentioned to be in its vicinity. At the tower, a note, about The Dart, on top of a counter in the abandoned tower was discovered by the Viking Eivor. This clue divulged the location and true identity of The Dart: Tata, Defender of Otta's Wyrd. Tata's location was told to be around Quatford's stables in eastern Sciropescire. At the stables, Tata stood by, unaware of Eivor's presence in the area and soon fell to her blade.[1]

After Tata's death, another clue from his personal effects was found. The clue divulged information about another member, The Adze.


  • The clue that Eivor received from Tata's personal effects is the same clue Eivor received when she hunted down and killed the Zealot Cola. Nevertheless, either clue leads to the first clue of The Adze.