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Tapestry Thief was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Assassins hid several fake artifacts across Paris in a plot to lure out Templar agents. Arno was charged with investigating the theft of one of these, a tapestry, and tracking down the Templar responsible.


  • Assassin: There are fake Assassin relics planted in the tapestry district. We hope to lure curious Templars into the open with them.
  • Arno: How can I help?
  • Assassin: Go and check if there has been any interest in these tapestries, it may lead you to a Templar agent.

Arno spoke to a tapestry worker.

  • Worker: You won't believe it, but the tapestry you're interested in was just stolen!
  • Arno: What are the odds...
  • Worker: Ask around, someone must've seen where the thief went.

Arno spoke to several people.

  • Citizen 1: Keep after him!
  • Citizen 2: I saw a man running!
  • Citizen 3: Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Citizen 4: I could swear someone just ran into those sewers in front of me.

After running through the sewers, Arno climbed out and found more witnesses.

  • Citizen 5: Yes, someone else came out of the sewers just now. They were running south, away from the Panthéon.
  • Citizen 6: That-a-way!
  • Citizen 7: He just went by!
  • Citizen 8: No, no thanks. I'm not interested.
  • Citizen 9: Saw someone running west just now. What?! No tip?
  • Citizen 10: Yes! He went left! Wait, no, right! No, left! I think...
  • Citizen 11: You're on his heels!
  • Citizen 12: Run! Get him!

Arno found the thief and tailed him to his Templar boss.

  • Thief: I've got the tapestry you asked for.
  • Templar: Good, did you run into any trouble?
  • Thief: Someone tried to follow me, but I think I lost him.
  • Templar: You might have led him here? You idiot!

Arno killed the Templar and escaped the area.


The ruse worked, and Arno was able to eliminate the Templar agent who had been lured out.


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