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This article is about Damascene oddities merchant. You may be looking for the Templar black arms dealer Tamir.

Tamir (died 1190) was a rich merchant who operated in the Levant during the Third Crusade. A corpulent man, his merchandise consisted of a variety of goods that the Assassin Rafik described vaguely as "oddities". By the last decade of the 12th century, he had forged relations with the Templars, and through these connections, learned of the Chalice.


In 1190, Tamir moved to Damascus, where his associations with the Templars attracted the attention of the Assassins. Hoping to bolster the security of his mansion, Tamir reinforced his home with Hospitalier soldiers, ensuring that infiltration would be difficult at best. These measures, however, failed to deter the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, who devised a plan to circumnavigate the defenses by expelling Tamir from his shelter.[1]

Having interrogated Tamir's acquaintance Misbah, Altaïr was privy to a shipment of oil situated on the terrace of the residence, and subsequently ignited it with fire torches. The resulting combustion set the mansion ablaze, forcibly flushing Tamir out of his home. In the chaos, Tamir's guards urgently left to search for water and assistance, hastened by the merchant's insistence that they would be punished for any lost possessions.[1]

Momentarily alone on the estate grounds, Tamir briefly bemoaned his misfortune before being interrupted by Altaïr, who casually remarked on his ability to repurchase his goods. Though startled, Tamir composed himself and refused to answer Altaïr's questions about the Chalice. His obstinacy gave way when Altaïr reminded him that "aside from the flames around [them]", they were alone, exposing Tamir's vulnerability.[1]

Resigning himself to his predicament, Tamir divulged all that he knew about the Chalice. His knowledge on the subject proved scarce—he knew only that it lay in a desert within a ruined temple accessible via three specific keys. Unaware of where these keys could be found, Tamir referenced Fajera, a dancer that he claimed thought of herself as a "butterfly". Once he revealed all he knew about the Chalice, Tamir angrily demanded to know Altaïr's next plans for him. Though Altaïr found this new information beneficial, he nevertheless assassinated the merchant with his Hidden Blade just as the guards returned.[1]


  • Tamir, תָּמִיר, is a Hebrew name meaning "stately, wealthy", and is related to the female name Tamar (תמר) and the Arabic word tamr (تَمْر‎), both of which mean "date".
  • The presence of this Tamir, as well as Roland Napule, suggests that Altaïr's Chronicles may have been planned as a Nintendo DS version of Assassin's Creed.