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Tall, Dark Strangers was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with the famous fortune-teller, Marie Anne Lenormand.


  • Lenormand: You're here! I foresaw that someone would come help me!
    I read the tarot for powerful friends, and now some believe I influence those friends and they wish me harm! I have seen my enemies ... in a dream! Come with me and I will sense their presence.

Arno followed Lenormand into the streets.

  • Lenormand: You, citizen, don't have long to live.
  • Man: What!?
  • Lenormand: Citizen, I sense that your husband is having an affair.
  • Woman: I beg your pardon!
  • Lenormand: In my dream, one of the murderers was from the country. Yes, a farmer of sorts. He is dangerous! I feel an evil presence! Yes, he is somewhere nearby. I am sure of it! That's him!

Arno killed the farmer and continued walking with Lenormand.

  • Lenormand: Efficiently done! I feel that it's about to rain ... Ah!

Just as she had predicted, rain started to fall.

  • Lenormand: I remember now! A soldier! Out to kill me! Look for a man in uniform. A voice is whispering to me. A man with dark intentions in just to the east! ... Or, wait, east or north, it is not clear! Possibly south. That one! Just as in my dream!

Arno eliminated the soldier and returned to Lenormand.

  • Lenormand: Sent to the Great Beyond! I have the distinct sense that a man in the legal profession wishes me harm! A lawyer. I sense a man capable of unspeakable violence! Oh, I beg your pardon, it is you! Still, someone lurks about here with murderous intent! There!

Arno assassinated the lawyer and followed Lenormand.

  • Lenormand: He's joined the choir invisible! And a shady character! Yes, I see him in my mind's eye. A shyster! A bandit! The vibrations of danger are all about us! Even in this very spot! Ah! The man from my dream!

Arno disposed of the thug and spoke with Lenormand.

  • Lenormand: I thank you, my friend. I sense you have started down a difficult path. I wish you success.
    I thank you, my friend. I sense you have seen the deadly effects of politics. I wish you well in choosing your path.
    I thank you, my friend, come for a tarot reading some time, I sense you have an interesting future.

  If Arno met with Lernomand after July 1794, she would respond differently.

  • Lenormand: I sense you have lost a loved one. May you live in honour of her memory.


Arno eliminated Marie Anne Lenormand's would-be killers, allowing her to live another day.


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