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Dialogue branches

I noticed quite a few dialogue branches during this quest. The first comes from whether you tell Sokrates your name, or simply tell him you're a mercenary.

If you tell him your name, he asks you about the importance of knowledge, to which the choices are:

  1. "Drachmae is most important." and
  2. "Knowledge matters most."

This leads straight to the next section, where he says "It is clear you are someone who will...", but if you only told him your profession, he asks if there's anything you wouldn't do. The choices are:

  1. "I'd do anything for the right price."
To which he asks if duty and the greater good are payment enough, and the choices are:
  1. "They're not enough payment."
  2. "They can be enough payment."
  1. "Everyone has a line they won't cross."
To which he asks if the line can be moved, and your choices are:
  1. My line has moved enough."
  2. My line could move more."

By my count that's six different permutations. Coming mainly from RPG wikis dialogue branches are old hat, but just looking at the quest pages I've come across, it seems like a single path of dialogue has been decided on for posting in the quest line, and that posting any more than that runs the risk of turning the whole page into word salad. Essentially, I'm wondering how branching dialogues should be formatted, or if it's even useful to or allowed by this wiki. {{SUBST:User:RShepard227/SigInclude}} 07:07, March 10, 2019 (UTC)

We actually do sort of have a format that we were considering a while ago which is the use of the tabber function. It has been implemented in various articles already such as this, this and this. It's not that perfect and requires a lot work (a word salad as well XD), but it should be fine for now. XOdeyssusx (talk) 11:39, March 10, 2019 (UTC)
I like the tab system, especially considering it allows for tabs within tabs. That should work very well, for immediate cause-and-effect dialogue choice and response at least. As for situations where the variable is much earlier in the conversation (e.g. The Truth Will Out, choking the Pythia vs. pleading with her) or even due to a completely different event (e.g. Perikles's Symposium, even the choice at the start to wear the proper attire changes a good chunk of auto-dialogue for the rest of the quest), we might have to continue using ("If players choose/chose ...") until if and when a more consistent format is established. But for now I'll use the tab system to implement the conversations I recorded. {{SUBST:User:RShepard227/SigInclude}} 21:23, March 18, 2019 (UTC)
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