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Today they will announce details of the game. But there will be two characters: Jacob and Evie Frye. You will be able to switch between the two. ---- John Doe

Yes, this is known. Well, "rumoured" anyways - we'll see if Ubi confirms it. I'd suggest discussing this on one of the blogs by the way, as that's where most people are currently sharing their opinion. Also, please sign your posts :) Crook The Constantine District 14:38, May 12, 2015 (UTC)

It is good that they might be adding the female assassin. I hope both have good and not bland character. Another Theory is that you may be able to get different kinds of brass knuckles.  ---- John Doe

May 12, 2015

First of all, I confirm your 'rumours'. It's been some time since its announcement.

'Baker Street' oufit:

There is a 'Baker Street' outfit listed in one of the editions of the game. It is elementary that this is a reference to Sherlock Holmes, but do we have any information on whether he will appear or not? Jetfire343 (talk) 19:01, June 13, 2015 (UTC)

Doubt it, since Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character. But there will probably be references to him in the game.--Bovkaffe (talk) 19:18, June 13, 2015 (UTC)

Where can I get Big Ben edition?

Where can I get Big Ben Edition? unsigned comment by SpiderMatty (talk · contr)

You can pre-order the Big Ben Edition at Ubisoft's official marketplace on the Ubisoft website. Also, please remember to sign your posts. Slate Vesper (talk) 02:23, June 19, 2015 (UTC)

More on Sherlock, and Other Revelations

I've found some really interesting information on Assassin's Creed Syndicate. It's available here and is actual gameplay from an "advance copy" given by Ubisoft to popular Youtubers (see images).

I could take only one snapshot but here are more revelations (Rumours mean that it has not been shown, but someone spoke of it in the comments):

  • There are references to Sherlock, as expected. (see image)
  • Legacy outfits return, with Evie's selection featuring those of Aveline, Elise and (though not shown, this last one is just rumoured) Shao Jun.
  • For Jacob, legacy outfits include Ezio and Edward Kenway. Rumours suggest Arno, Altair and Connor as well.
  • Not just carriages, the player (as both Jacob and Evie) can drive as a hansom as well.
  • There are a lot of story spoilers on the source which I won't mention here.
  • There is a rumoured possibility of Evie and Henry Green being a romantic pair. This has not been confirmed by anyone.
  • (Minor spoilers to follow) - the Hideout on the rails that Jacob, Evie and Green use is actually shown moving even when the characters are inside.
  • Green has a nickname - Greenie.
  • There will be two patches to the game, of size roughly 1.1GB when put together.
  • An emotional aspect to the story has been hinted, specially for Evie Frye.
  • Jacob has been shown on numerous occasions as the comedian, making humourous remarks.
  • An easter egg has hinted to a sea-shanty being played on piano in Syndicate. The same shanty was used in Black Flag.
  • Besides this, there are references to Edward Kenway, his son who turned a Templar, Haytham Kenway and the owner of the Kenway Estate after Haytham's death - Jennifer Scott.
  • There's a lot of humour regarding the siblings' interaction, with each one making sarcastic and humourous remarks about the other (for example, when exposed to railway smoke, Evie remarks, "Smells like Jacob's cooking!")

(I'll add more later, images being uploaded)

Jetfire343 (talk) 21:07, October 19, 2015 (UTC)

Second Press Report

AC Syndicate Information. Compiled by Jetfire343.
I attended the second event of AC Syndicate preview, and here's my "press report" for you people at ACWiki. Hope it helps.
Sourced from - . This is based on an advance copy given to popular YouTubers by Ubisoft itself.
Writer's note: There were some serious connectivity issues on my side (sorry), so the report isn't as complete as it can be. I've marked spots of interruption as "<Interruption>". Also, rumoured means that it's been talked of in the comments and live chat, but is not shown in the video itself.
This was earlier my rough notes sheet, so there's no proper classification into "Story information", "Gameplay information" etc.
POE = Piece of Eden.
EF - Evie Frye.
JF - Jacob Frye.
HG/Greenie - Henry Green.

Begins with the twins entering a factory by train. Evie to Jacob - "Don't get killed!"
First assassination target - Rupert Ferris. This assassination mission basically acts as a showcase for the industrial landscape and modernity of a fraction of the city.
Features basic tutorial for stealth.
Grappling hook comes in Sequence 3/4.
Jacob takes off his hat and wears his hood when in stealth mode,
Like in Unity, there are separate buttons for parkour up and parkour down.
Jacob locates Ferris in a smelting factory and ultimately kills him there.
There are some issues with climbing ladders. A minor glitch, perhaps?
Ferris says that a bolt has been loosened in Starrick (the Grand Master)'s machine, but not enough to lead to his fall. Says that Assassins can circle London to their heart's content, but the Templars will control London soon enough, and the Assassins would have to cower in the shadows.
<interruption due to disconnection>
Jacob is on a train, which gets derailed. An "unscheduled stop", as Jacob says.
There's fairly a lot of humour in the game in the form of sarcasm, especially between Evie and Jacob.
Memory: A Simple Plan
Evie is to create a diversion. For this she has to detach the locomotive on the train.
Evie also puts on hood only when in stealth mode.
Almost a repeated error from other Assassin's Creed games, there's a lot of character model recycling, for example for the henchmen that one encounters.
Evie's remark on smelling coal fumes from locomotive - "Smells like Jacob's cooking."
<interruption due to connectivity issues>
Leap of faith returns.
Destructible environmental objects can be used to kill as well as distract enemies.
The memory A Simple Plan has a constraint to kill some enemies with a hanging barrels.
The assassination missions are again in "Blackbox mission" format, with multiple entry points and assassination opportunities. However, in Syndicate, entry points are marked on the HUD.
The new combat system also counts hit combos like in many brawling games.
In the memory A Simple Plan, Evie is looking for Brewster's laboratory.
Eagle Vision marks out ongoing conversations between enemies, and is a way to eavesdrop on them.
Smoke bombs return, however, for ease of the player, the smoke is not shown as densely as it would be in reality.
<Interruption - connectivity issue>
Evie is interrogating a man who wears a hat, asking him where the secret laboratory is. He tells it's underground, and asks Evie to free him. Evie says that if he got himself in, he can easily get himself out as well. Just as Evie turns to go, the man mysteriously disappears.
The glitch with the ladder is there for both Jacob and Evie.
The accessway to the secret laboratory is through some sort of locomotive manufacturing industry.
<Interruption - connectivity issue>
Evie goes "back on track" into the laboratory, via an elevator.
Skill sets are grouped into three categories - Combat, Stealth and Ecosystem.
The skills that are not avatar-specific are shared between both Evie and Jacob.
Lockpicking is a "stealth" skill.
Double assassination with two hidden blades returns, but as an upgradabe ability.
Chest return as a gameplay element, and are opened in a fashion similar to that in Unity.
In the laboratory, David Brewster is experimenting with a piece of eden. Evie sees the piece of Eden and goes after assassinating Brewster.
Just as in Unity, a ghosted image appears, indicating where the player was last spotted.
David Brewster notes "the frequent fluctuations in the light." Ultimately, he is assassinated by Evie.
Brewster has a knife for self defence.
As he dies, Brewster says that God will protect him. Says Starrick has found another POE. Says it's "in our nature" to find what we cannot take.
Evie takes the blood of the victim, Brewster on a piece of cloth, like the feathers that Altair used.
Meanwhile, the machine used to experiment with the POE goes wrong and the entire place starts falling apart. Evie has to escape. Memory ends as Evie escapes the explosion. Apparently, this was one simple plan with complicated issues.
An Assassin reviews the progress of the two Assassins. Says that overall, the mission had been a success, "in-spite of you two." (You two=Frye twins)
London - Templar stronghold for the "last 100 years", according to the Assassin who reviews their progress. He asks them to follow the Council's plans, giving "sound advice that your [Evie's] father would have seconded."
Present day: Shaun approaches a lady - says that people like her give historians a bad name. Agent de-Costa and Master Berg come and apprehend Shaun and Rebecca, when suddenly a blast is observed on camera.
[According to rumours, Present day section has no gameplay but is only cutscenes. This has not been confirmed yet (22 Oct, 2015, 1739 hours, GMT).
The Frye twins arrive in London to meet Henry Green - the Assassin overlooking London. Jacob didn't listen carefully to Evie when she told him about Green "the first three times".
Jacob is pickpocketed by a child, and Jacob runs after him, into the "property" of some gangsters. A fairly accurate depiction of the sad reality of London - a city full of criminals, most of which were people driven to crime by need.
Evie asks Jacob to forget the pickpocket and challenges him to a race to the highest vantage point. The constraint in this memory is to beat Evie to the vantage point.
"Two assassins, equal in height. One female, one male. Two decades old, and those devilish smiles. You must be the Frye twins." - Henry Green.
Jacob asks him about Starrick.
Green brings bad news - Starrick has the most sophesticated Templar infrastructure, with control all over London. Jacob forms a plan to form the gang Rooks.
"We'll call ourselves... the Rooks!" - Jacob.
"You're never good at Chess either!" - Evie.
Green offers them to show the lay of the land. Jacob first synchronizes a viewpoint, the "highest in Whitechapel".
"We will free London from these people. You have my word." - Evie Frye.
"And my Rooks...?" - Jacob.
Kaylock is one of Starrick's gang leaders. "Look out London, here come the Rooks!" - Jacob.
Jacob collides into Dickens.
"Confound this city. No one looks where they're going!" - Dickens.
"Yes I've noticed that!" - Jacob.
"Should you ever be in the mood for a tale or two, you can find me wherever the ale is warm and tempers are hot! Tata!" - Dickens.
"What an odd man!" - Jacob, about Dickens, to Green.
"That, Mr. Frye, was Charles Dickens. Knows everyone and everything in the city. If I were you, I would keep that connection my back pocket." - Henry Green
Green tasks the twins with locating Sgt. Abberline. Says that children make for excellent spies. Mentions that Starrick never acts alone, that there are gang leaders in every borough.
The above memory is known as "Somewhere That's Green".
Jacob sets out to capture Whitechapel district. This is similar to liberating districts in AC III. Evie Frye asks the "great planner with the grand ideas - the gangs, the fights and all that" - Jacob - to lead the way.
The game, like Unity, features microtransactions.
Jacob's basic outfit is known as "Simply Jacob".
Firearms are also used, and Wild West style weapons like Derringer are the addition. The pistols are more modern, for example, six shooters instead of classic flintlocks or matchlocks.
Though in the demonstrations, Knuckles are Jacob's weapons of choice, while Cane Sword is for Evie, they can be interchanged.
There are different outfits for both Jacob and Evie. For Evie, a variety of capes are available.
Jacob's legacy outfits include Ezio Auditore and Edward Kenway among others. There are others, 8 in total, but they were not showcased.
Evie's legacy outfits include Aveline de Grandpre and Elise de la Serre.
A new gameplay element allows the player to identify a target marked with Eagle Vision and get a brief biography as well as tactics to kill that target.
While liberating Whitechapel, Evie has a change of thought - "Maybe we can harness the gangs after all!"
While riding a carriage, the quickest route to destination is marked both on the minimap and as a line on the road itself.
One of the liberation mission involves assassinating a target. The constraint is to kill the target with a crate of dynamite. People rescued by the player accompany Jacob/Evie on this mission as fellow gangmates, but sometimes, they ruin the stealth by shooting a blighter with a gun or engaging in open conflict.
The target of this assassination/Templar Hunt mission - Harold Drake - wants to distribute dynamite to the Blighters, to arm them to the teeth. There is no white room scene after this assassination.
The fighting mechanic, specially the parry/counter mechanic in which a counter when the health bar of the enemy flashes being the perfect timing to counter as well as injure, returns from Unity.
Upgrades are there to make the first strike in an open brawl more damaging, as well as increase the window to counter as well as hurt the opponent.
The game, despite offering play as both Jacob and Evie, favours Evie.
Evie and Jacob are looking for Mr. Abberline.
An old woman appears. "I may know a thing or two about that splendid fellow you're talking about." Jacob takes the old woman's hat, revealing Frederick Abberline, forced to stay disguised because Jacob was not discreet. He asks them to get the first gang member he named quietly.
"We'll be as quiet as an old lady, a very hairy, strange old lady that looks a lot like a policeman." - Jacob, ridiculing Abberline's old lady guise.
New gameplay mechanic - Kidnapping. Involves the player taking the target to a nearby carriage and driving the carriage to a safe spot.
<large interruption of 3 to 4 minutes>
Clara asks a favour of Jacob and Evie. Jacob remarks that the kids took their money and now they're taking favours, but Evie strikes a deal with them to free child labourers in the area.
Evie frees some child labourers in a factory, killing the overlooking staff. This is part of the "Conquer Whitechapel" missions. As the children leave, Evie gains loyalty of Clara O' Brien.
<Interruption of three minutes>
Jacob leads the rooks in a gang skirmish against the Blighters led by Kaylock. Kayloch has bet his train on the fight. Kaylock escapes in the train as Blighters lose, but Jacob boards it, fights blighters on the train and kills Kaylock. As he dies, Kaylock's device - in reality a broken rope launcher - falls on the train. Jacob picks it up.
"It's broken." - Evie.
"At least we have a train now. It's not all that bad." - Jacob.
Jacob and Evie recruit the surviving Blighters who worked under Kaylock as Rooks.
The twins tell Agnes McBean that Kaylock has "left the station", and give her a chance to work for the Rooks.
"A hideout on the rails! What an excellent idea!" - Green.
Jacob says that he wouldn't work on anything until the grappling hook is repaired. "Greenie" knows a person who can help them.
A new menu of upgrades is "Gang upgrades", and it includes Rook Training, Medicine Market, Rook riders (on carriages), Carriage sabotage, Police bribes (police will ignore Rooks), Little Rooks (children as Rooks), Black Market Affiliation (economical weapons and tools), Pub Investor (purpose unclear), Cavalry call etc.
Districts of London include Westminster, The Strand, Whitechapel, City of London, The Thames, Southwark and <one more name, I couldn't note it down; Lambeth, perhaps?>
Collectibles like Animus Data Fragments (known as "Glitches" in Syndicate) return.
The game features Alexander Graham Bell, who fixes Jacob's rope launcher. He is affectionately referred to as "Aleck" by Green.
Jacob wants to test the rope launcher, but Evie takes it and accompanies Dr. Bell to fix the Big Ben's fuse.
Dr. Bell talks of many inventions that he plans, including a telegraph that can transmit more than dots and dashes, but also human voice - what is now (and as Evie Frye suggests) called a telephone. Climbing the Big Ben acts as a rope launcher tutorial, and the optional constraint is to not fall below 30 metres.
Evie tours many of the towers of the British Parliament building, fixing fuses on each one of them for Dr. Bell. "Hi, Big Ben", if you want to call it that, is basically a tutorial for the various uses of the rope launcher. In case of the British Parliament's towers, the leap of faith only gets more unrealistic as it literally touches new heights.
Dr. Bell has been given a Scottish accent. Quite realistic. He gives Evie idea about a planned invention - a better smoke bomb.
The music which plays whenever the player is in, around or over the British Parliament has been praised by people and the video uploader alike. It features classical Western musical instruments.
The ability to use vehicles is not limited to carriages, but is also extended to Hansoms.
Quite inaccurately, some enemies appear immune to at least two gunshots.
Upgrade crafting returns, with upgrades like Medicine Efficacy (more effective medicines), improved medicine pouches, knife pouches as well as smoke bomb pouches.
Ned Wynert praises the train that the Fryes have. Jacob does not recognize Ned.
Green shows Jacob a list of Starrick's associates, which will help him in his mission to "Conquer London". At this point, the game allows a straight jump between Sequence 4 and 8.
UPDATE OF A POINT AT THE BEGINNING: The rope launcher is obtained in Sequence 3.
"Enjoy your studies! I'll be out killing Templars." - Jacob to Evie when Evie talks of pursuing the POE.
Jacob and Evie intercept a chest that Lucy Thorne has, which supposedly has a POE. Jacob does not understand the importance of recovering the POE, and ridicules her.
One of the cane sword variants is named "Arbaaz Mir's Cane-Sword", a reference to the protagonist of AC: Brahman and Chronicles: India.
In the game, Ubisoft Club replaces Uplay Rewards.
Shao Jun outfit (which was mentioned as "rumoured" in my earlier post) is confirmed for Evie Frye. Evie's regular outfit is known as "Simply Evie".
Evie finds the chest she was looking for, but Jacob has attracted some unwanted attention and the two escape in a carriage, with Evie at the back, shooting any blighters that come up near them.
As shown in earlier previews as well, enemies can board the carriage and engage the player in close quarters combat.
This memory called "The Crate Escape" ends with the twins abandoning the carriage and jumping on a train to get out and well away from Blighters. What an enjoyable day, as Jacob says.
Next memory - Playing it by Ear.
A set of documents that Evie found contains "directions" to a shroud of eden is a good healer. Even though not a POE, the documents are invaluable. Green initially says he's not good at "field work", but later, when pursuaded by Evie, agrees to join her.
The directions hint to the Kenway Mansion.
The shroud of Eden can bring the dead back to life. There is possibility that on his many travels, Edward might have found it.
Henry Green tells Evie that Edward's son Haytham inherited the Kenway Mansion when he died, and it went to his sister Jennifer Scott when he died. In this memory, Evie and Henry have to recover a collection of Edward's memoribilia.
[SIDE NOTE: Sometimes, when Evie comes near a civilian, then turns away, the civilian, specially if male, shouts, "Are you running away from me?"]
The Kenway Mansion is allegedly a Templar stronghold.
The gate to the mansion is decorated with a ship. There are model ships inside as well. "Miss Lucy is quite the collector", as Evie remarks on finding missing paintings.
This memory has a piano puzzle. First clue - DADEFD.
The music playing after this puzzle is completed is actually a sea-shanty from Black Flag, as revealed by Mr. Gabe.
Completion of the puzzle opens a trapdoor leading to a sort of basement with many things related to the Jackdaw. However, just as Evie finds a history of the London Assassins by Edward, Templars arrive on the scene. Evie locks the trapdoor and opens another secret exit by rotating a starboard.
The other exit leads through the sewers, and as Evie and Green escape through the sewer, Green's line (sorry, couldn't note it) suggests that he is developing a liking for "field work".
A player (not the uploader of the video, one in the comments) confirms Evie and Green ("Greevie") romance in the game. This has not been confirmed from a verified source yet.
Next memory: A Spoonful of Syrup.
A person selling Starrick's Soothing Syrup who threatens Jacob when he intervenes his harrassment of a lady (who was criticizing the Syrup) runs away. Jacob chases him through sewers. Jacob interrogates him after tackling him about where the syrup originates. Jacob follows his lead. "Let's find out where that syrup is made, shall we?"
There seems to be some freedom in which memory to access next, like the choice between the Chaos in Constantinople and Sofia storylines in Revelations.
Next Memory: Cable News
The Fryes pay a visit to Dr. Bell. Dr. Bell shows Starrick's "latest lies".
At this point, Jacob can use hallucinogenic darts.
Jacob retrieves some items from crates. As he leaves, some Templars flee in a boat, which Jacob chases. Jacob boards the boat, and opejns a crate on the boat. The crate contains poison and Jacob, affected badly by it, desperately tries to escape the Templars.
Memory ends after a brief conversation with Dr. Bell in his workshop.
Dr Bell informs the twins that Starrick's poison has found its way to open market.
Next Memory: Stalk the Stalker
McBean asks Evie to help her hunt down a stalker.
<interruption - long - approx 4 minutes)
Evie locates the stalker. The lady whom Agnes is talking to mentions the possibility of an ambush for Agnes by a gang that is out to get her. Evie runs to the station before Agnes does. A gang war breaks out between the Blighters and the Rooks as Evie arrives. Soon a train full of Blighters arrives. Evie fights them all off. The stalker - Nigel Bumble - gets on after Agnes but she tackles him and she, along with Evie recruit him as a Rook.
Next Memory: Nigel in for the Chop
[Side note: One glitch causes the player to remain stuck on the train hideout even after starting a memory. In this case, the best way is to get off the train through the back.
[Side note: Gang strongholds unlock new weapons.]
<Interruption - 10 minutes>
Evie blinds a carriage with smoke bombs. It is a prison carriage and Scotland Yard has arrested Nigel.
As Nigel informs Evie of his arrest, a policeman notices it and comes to stop them. Evie knocks them all out.
Memory ends (ending - not clear due to disconnection).
<Huge unterruption - at least 5 minutes>
Next Memory: Unnatural Selection
Jacob is in a poison factory. He has to rotate some valves to sabotage the machinery.
He does this with at least (since I didn't see the whole thing) 3 valves. This destroys the factory, causing a massive poison leak in the factory. Jacob breaks a window and performs a leap of faith.
He meets Charles Darwin on his way out, who tells that while Jacob was wreaking havoc, he found a document, saying that all specimens (of what, I missed) were being sent to Lambeth Asylum. Jacob proposes going there, but Darwin says that sometimes, one must be discreet.
<7 minutes' interruption>
Memory: Overdose
[Side note: Passers by that are Rooks often ask Jacob how his sister is.]
Roof sliding is a new parkour move.
Inside Lambeth Asylum, Jacob is looking for the "Good Old Doctor" John Elliotson.
The doctor is involved in human experimentation.
In the assassination mission for John Elliotson, the Nurse is an infiltration opportunity and the young doctor a killing opportunity. A constraint prohibits the use of firearms.
Jacob assassinates a group of doctors experimenting on humans with electricity, interrupting their shock therapy.
An opportunity to infiltrate is to lie on the stretcher after hiding the dead body there. As the stretcher is taken to Dr. Elliotson for experimentation, Jacob gets the opportunity to kill him.
Apparently, Dr. Elliotson is researching the brain of violent people. In the end, he realizes that corpses do not wear boots (Jacob had not noticed this and had forgotten to take off his boots). This is when Jacob reveals himself and kills the mad doctor.
In his dying moments, he says that he can think of a better future, that Crawford Starrick has a great design for mankind. He questions Jacob whether he ever thought over the consequences of his actions or whether his father taught him nothing, calling him a child thinking of changing the world with a flick of his blade. In the end, Jacob takes a sample of his victim's blood on a piece of cloth.
The final objective is to escape the asylum.
End of sequence 4.
Crawford Starrick and his associates discuss Jacob's plans and recent events calling him anarchist. However, Starrick calls him a mere blemish. Lucy speaks of her plan to kill the Fryes.
Present Day:
Berg runs a unit called Sigma Team and Violet is his agent.
Camera feed shows Rebecca and Shaun "Danger" Hastings.
Rebecca and Shaun need to follow a possible POE, perhaps the Shroud of Eden, but they cannot go against Sigma Team alone. The research analyst has to continue synching with the Frye twins.
Sequence 5 - The Perils of Business.
Starrick has bought an omnibus company as well. While Jacob is after Starrick's control, Evie, having studied the history compiled by Edward Kenway, is after a monument.
Memory - Hullo, Mr. Gatling:
Nigel shows Jacob a gatling gun. But it's jammed. Jacob unjams it and uses it to fight off a wave of Blighters. The constraint here is to not take any damage. Enemies come from ground level and on rooftops. The train on which the gun is mounted starts moving. Here, the constraint is to detach 5 wagons on the Blighter train, by shooting the couplings. From time to time through the memory, the Gatling gun gets jammed and has to be unjammed. The overheating mechanic is also realistic. As the train stops, another wave of Blighters attacks Jacob.
The first carriage on the Blighter train is full of dynamite. "Let's end this!" - JF
In the end, as the Gatling gun burns, Jacob decouples the carriage, ending the memory.
Karl Marx Memory - Cat and Mouse:
A Scotland Yard officer tells Marx that he has been instructed to keep his rallies off the streets. Calling himself an activist like the Fryes, Marx asks them for a little help. He is organizing a discreet meeting with Black Market friends. He wants the Fryes to help him get to the meeting without any Scotland Yard interference. The constraint in this memory is to kill 2 spies with hanging barrels.
Marx later waits till the coast is clear to the pub, and asks Jacob to clear any Scotland Yard personnel on the way or stationed at the pub. The constraint is to create a faction fight - Rooks vs. Scotland Yard, and in the confusion, kill the spy.
Then, Jacob has to follow Marx to the meeting, or as Marx says, "slip away to the meeting."
A traitor has betrayed Marx. Marx asks Jacob to kidnap that traitor from the hands of the police after assassinating the police personnel. "Very fast friends, now, aren't we?" - Jacob to Simon - his kidnapped target.
Memory: Friendly Competition:
Jacob meets Pearl Attaway. She fears that Jacob is there to kill her. He has a business proposition for her.
Jacob takes the reins on the omnibus. As he drives to the other side of the Thames, Millner's employees follow them, and Jacob has to kill them. After killing them, Jacob drives to Millner's storage yard.
There they find Malcolm Millner himself, intending to bu rn Pearl's omnibuses.
"Let's give them a taste of their own medicine." - Pearl
"I say, let's give them the whole damn bottle!" - Jacob
Jacob gathers his gang - the Rooks - and sets out on his plan.

This will be continued soon. Please forgive the unformatted report, the frequent shorthand and any inaccuracies that may come up later.

Jetfire343 (talk) 19:51, October 22, 2015 (UTC)


Is there a novel of this game like the other titles? Heil the La li lu le lo (talk) 21:53, October 23, 2015 (UTC)

Yes, Assassin's Creed: Underworld.--Bovkaffe (talk) 22:12, October 23, 2015 (UTC)

Preview sequence

Does anyone know whether the assassination of Bloody Nora actually found a place in the final game? This mission was previewed in the "Alpha Build" which was the very first preview we had of Syndicate. My friend has played through the whole story but hasn't seen it. He has not yet played the side-missions as of yet, except for the World War I sequence.

Jetfire343 (talk) 04:42, October 27, 2015 (UTC)

There's no cutscene between Jacob, Evie and Henry, if that's what you mean. However, the gang stronghold liberation is more or less identical - once you've completed it, Bloody Nora does show up, but her lines are different and Evie doesn't save Jacob with a Throwing Knife since, in-game, you could be playing as Evie. Chasing down Bloody Nora still works like it did in the E3 preview though. Crook The Constantine District 07:32, October 27, 2015 (UTC)

Ending Credits

I noticed that the Jack the Ripper (DLC) had an Ending Credits when you finished the game. Does Assassin's Creed: Syndicate have one or you have to do something in order to do that. --Cococrash11 (talk) 01:43, January 9, 2016 (UTC)

The main game's credits are optional - you can still view them at your leisure by going into the pause menu, but they don't automatically pop up after you finish the game. The Jack the Ripper DLC was made by the same people that made Dead Kings, so it appears they've borrowed their credits format from there. Crook The Constantine District 09:47, January 9, 2016 (UTC)
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