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Taking Liberty was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


While investigating a Bandit Camp in the mountains, Bayek finds an ominous letter from Hapti, a quarry worker to his beloved wife-to-be Merope.


While in the Necropolis Hideout, Bayek came across the body of a tortured man.

  • Bayek: This messenger was tortured by the bandits.

He read letter on a table.

  • To my one true love:
    Dearest, I think of you every minute and wish I were back at our honey farm and in your arms. Seker has driven the other quarry workers mad with his talk. He is determined to revolt and nothing I say will change his mind. I fear for us. The Romans will meet us with murderous force. Maybe the remembrance of Egypt, the ankh I had seared onto my skin will protect me? I wish I could send you the wedding bracelet I made, but I do not trust the messenger not to steal it.
  • Bayek: A touching letter. Hapti and Merope, lovers torn apart by oppression. Reminds me of Aya and myself.
    Poor Hapti, I should look into this, he could be in trouble. He should be easy to find with a tattoo.

Bayek left the camp and headed to the Roman Quarry Camp located southwest of the cave. He discovered the bodies of workers on the road.

  • Bayek: This is a massacre! What in the gods happened here?

Heading further into the quarry, he discovered the sight of a massacre in a chamber.

  • Bayek: They killed them and then left them here to rot.

He found Hapti's body among the corpses.

  • Bayek: That is the tattoo of Ankh. Poor Hapti... But there's no bracelet on him.
    His lover has no idea he is dead. This sickens me. I must put to rest his
    ka and return the bracelet.

Bayek eliminated a Roman soldier and recovered the bracelet.

  • Bayek: Hapti's wife will want this as a keepsake.

Bayek left the quarry and headed southeast to Hapti's farm. He spoke to a pregnant woman there.

  • Bayek: Are you Hapti's beloved?
  • Merope: I know why you're here, Medjay. He's dead isn't he? Hapti?
  • Bayek: I am sorry. There was a rebellion at the quarry, he...
  • Merope: No, I don't want to know. He was always so hotheaded. How could he leave us this way?
  • Bayek: I found his bracelet, he meant for you to have it.
  • Merope: What good is a bracelet? My child will grow up without a father. Thank you for telling me, you're a good man. But please, leave me alone to my grief. I'm just another woman the Romans have made a widow. This is the war no one speaks of.


Bayek arrived at the quarry too late to save Hapti. He recovered his bracelet and returned it to his wife.


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