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"The blood flowing through you has the power to raze kingdoms, to alter the course of entire civilizations… You could burn this world."
The Huntsman on the powers of the Tainted Ones, c. 429 BCE[src]-[m]

The name "Tainted Ones" was an epithet given by the Order of the Ancients to those humans directly descended from the hybrids (and as such, the Isu) who possessed extraordinary skills and abilities.

During the 5th century BCE, some such individuals were recognized by the greater human population and believed to be direct descendants of the gods.[1] Because of this, individuals like Kassandra and Alexios were often referred to as a "demigod," and revered as such by people like the Worshippers of the Bloodline, a branch of the Cult of Kosmos.[1] Others, despising these traits and considering such individuals as being "less than human" referred to them as Tainted Ones, however.[2]




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