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ACB Tailor Shop

A tailor shop in Rome

A tailor is an individual who works with fabrics, making, repairing, or altering clothing and other accessories that may be worn.

Despite their mundane craft, tailors have been an asset to the Assassins throughout the ages, providing them with pouches of various sizes for their equipment or dying their robes.[1][2][3]

In Ptolemaic Egypt, weaver fulfilled the roles of tailors and provided outfits to the Egyptians. The Medjay Bayek of Siwa was able to purchase several outfits and numerous crafting materials such as pelts, hard or soft leathers in order to better outfit his equipment.[4]

15th century[]

In Renaissance Italy, purchasing pouches increased Ezio Auditore da Firenze's capacity of a certain item by an increment of 5 units, in a progressive chain of upgrades.[1]


Dye Location Cost
Assassin White All Italian city-states N/A
Florentine Mahogany Florence 560ƒ
Florentine Scarlet Florence 550ƒ
Florentine Crimson Florence 1,200ƒ
Tuscan Ember Tuscany or Monteriggioni 1,425ƒ
Tuscan Emerald Tuscany or Monteriggioni 500ƒ
Tuscan Copper Tuscany or Monteriggioni 245ƒ
Tuscan Ochre Tuscany or Monteriggioni 500ƒ
Wetlands Auburn Romagna or Forlì 500ƒ
Wetlands Steele Romagna or Forlì 380ƒ
Wetlands Ebony Romagna or Forlì 2,300ƒ
Wetlands Ivory Romagna or Forlì 150ƒ
Venetian Wine Venice 1,980ƒ
Venetian Azure Venice 450ƒ
Venetian Teal Venice 500ƒ


Pouch Availability Cost
Medium Medicine Pouch Sequence 1 3,000ƒ
Large Medicine Pouch Sequence 1 6,000ƒ
Medium Knife Belt Sequence 6 3,000ƒ
Large Knife Belt Sequence 9 6,000ƒ
Medium Poison Vial Sequence 7 3,000ƒ
Large Poison Vial Sequence 10 6,000ƒ

16th century[]


Tailors returned in Rome and were stocked with the original upgrades and dyes, as well as some new ones, and were distributed through Rome's three districts. In addition, Ezio's cape could now be dyed separately to the rest of his robes.[2]

Furthermore, tailors began to sell Ezio parachutes after he had destroyed all of Leonardo da Vinci's war machines.

Two additional items were also sold exclusively at tailors. Smoke bombs were made available through the purchase of the smoke bomb pouch, and the heavy sheath enabled Ezio to carry heavy weapons as his primary weapon.


Dye Location Cost
Assassin White All districts N/A
Roman Stone Centro District Robes - 110ƒ
Cape - 110ƒ
Venetian Azure Centro District Robes - 238ƒ
Cape - 204ƒ
Venetian Wine Centro District Robes - 697ƒ
Cape - 187ƒ
Florentine Scarlet Centro District Robes - 867ƒ
Cape - 272ƒ
Roman Gilded Onyx Centro District Robes - 1,275ƒ
Cape - 298ƒ
Florentine Crimson Centro District Robes - 2,440ƒ
Cape - 468ƒ
Tuscan Emerald Campagna District Robes - 2,062ƒ
Cape - 494ƒ
Tuscan Ochre Campagna District Robes - 145ƒ
Cape - 85ƒ
Tuscan Copper Campagna District Robes - 425ƒ
Cape - 153ƒ
Tuscan Ember Campagna District Robes - 604ƒ
Cape - 230ƒ
Wetlands Auburn Antico District Robes - 970ƒ
Cape - 310ƒ
Wetlands Ebony Antico District Robes - 2,350ƒ
Cape - 580ƒ
Wetlands Ivory Antico District Robes - 160ƒ
Cape - 100ƒ

Roman Olive

Antico District Robes - 400ƒ
Cape - 190ƒ

Prices shown are inclusive of the 15% discount that becomes available upon purchasing all twelve tailors in Rome.


Upgrade Availability Cost
Medium Medicine Pouch ?
Large Medicine Pouch Renovate 4 tailor shops 5,890ƒ
Knife Belt Upgrade (10) Sequence 4 1,900ƒ
Knife Belt Upgrade (15) ?
Knife Belt Upgrade (20) Renovate 4 tailor shops 2,945ƒ
Knife Belt Upgrade (25) Renovate 8 tailor shops
Smoke Bomb Pouch Sequence 2 9,200ƒ
Heavy Sheath Sequence 2 8,250ƒ
Medium Poison Vial ?
Large Poison Vial Renovate 8 tailor shops
Medium Quiver Acquire the Crossbow 6,700ƒ
Large Quiver Complete the shop quest "Pulling Threads" N/A
Medium Parachute Bag Destroy all war machines
Large Parachute Bag Destroy all war machines


Tailors returned once more in Constantinople, and were stocked with several new dyes, as well as previously existing upgrades. However, as Ezio's new robes lacked a cape, there was no option to dye it.[3]

In addition, Tailors now sold parachutes to Ezio right after his arrival in the city, as they became a standard part of his equipment. All tailors shared the same inventory, and all dyes were available from any part of the city.

Bomb ingredients were also sold, although only a few types of them were available at tailors.


Dye Cost
Original Grey N/A
Algerian Silver 196 Akce
Egyptian Blue 322 Akce
Syrian Ash 943 Akce
Cappadoccian Amber 1,173 Akce
Yemen Copper 1,725 Akce
Caspian Teal 3,301 Akce
Janissary Green 196 Akce
Aegean Marble 575 Akce
Topkapı Gold 817 Akce
Royal Violet 2,496 Akce
Byzantium Red 184 Akce
Mediterranean Cobalt 460 Akce
Bosnian Indigo 1,116 Akce
Masyaf White 2,703 Akce


Pouch Cost
Medium Parachute Pouch 5,980 Akce
Medium Medicine Pouch 2,875 Akce
Knife Belt Upgrade (10) 2,185 Akce
Knife Belt Upgrade (15) 3,565 Akce
Heavy Sheath 9,488 Akce

18th century[]

French American colonies[]

Tailors returned in New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou during the 18th century, providing Aveline de Grandpré with pouch upgrades for cartridges, smoke bombs and poison darts. Dyes were also available for each of Aveline's three personas, along with the option to equip an Assassin hood instead of the default hat.[5]


Pouch Cost
Small Fast Poison Pouch 8,000 écu
Medium Fast Poison Pouch 15,000 écu
Large Fast Poison Pouch 24,000 écu
Small Cartridge Pouch 1,500 écu
Medium Cartridge Pouch 8,000 écu
Large Cartridge Pouch 22,000 écu
Small Smoke Bomb Pouch 2,400 écu
Medium Smoke Bomb Pouch 10,000 écu
Large Smoke Bomb Pouch 35,000 écu
Small Berserk Poison Pouch 15,000 écu
Medium Berserk Poison Pouch 25,000 écu
Large Berserk Poison Pouch 34,000 écu

Assassin outfits[]

Dye Cost
Default Assassin N/A
Assassin White 1,500 écu
Pirate Black 1,500 écu
Sailor Blue 1,500 écu
Ivory 1,500 écu
Smuggler Gray 1,500 écu
Night Stalker 1,500 écu
Bayou Hunter Collect all Assassins' coins

Lady outfits[]

Dye Cost
Default Green N/A
Evening Umber 1,500 écu
Blue Elegance 1,500 écu
Formal Black 1,500 écu
Discreet Gray 1,500 écu
Yellow Rose 1,500 écu
Business Dress 1,500 écu
Charming Dress Collect all Jeweled brooches

Slave outfits[]

Dye Cost
Slave Disguise N/A
Worker Disguise 1,500 écu
Cook Disguise 1,500 écu
Maid Disguise 1,500 écu
Nanny Disguise 1,500 écu
Gardener Disguise 1,500 écu
Chichen Itza Disguise Collect all Voodoo dolls


Item Cost
Assassin's Hat N/A
Assassin's Hood 750 écu
Alligator Hunter Hat Mysteries of the Bayou Pack (Vita) or Uplay (HD)

Smuggler's Hat

Collect all of Jeanne's diary pages
Traveler's Hat Collect all Alligator eggs