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"You are the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, the emerald-eyed, the one who walked by himself."
―excerpt of the eulogy to Tai Miuwette[src]

Tai Miuwette was a cat of Siwa, Egypt who was venerated by the town's villagers for defending the village granary from mice and rats. It lived at some point before the day the child Chenzira got lost inside the tomb of the Mountain of the Dead in 48 BCE. There, within the tomb's cat burial chamber, was lain Tai Miuwette's mummy alongside those of other deceased cats. A eulogy was also set there, extolling the cat and wishing it a journey to the Field of Reeds full of vermin to enjoy.


  • Historically, Tai Miuwette was the name of the pet cat of Crown Prince Thutmose, the elder brother of Akhenaten.



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