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Tahemet was an Egyptian historian and antiquarian from Thebes who lived during the 1st century BCE. Known for her gambling debts, she was an associate of the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa, whom she helped investigate the Curse of the Pharaohs.   


In 38 BCE, when the Curse of the Pharaohs began in Thebes, Tahemet was investigating it, when word arose that a merchant named Irsu found an artifact from Queen Nefertiti's tomb in the Valley of the Kings which she believed was the main root of the curse.[1] As such, she was one of the individuals given the invitation for an auction over the relic. However during a gambling session, Irsu's nephew Sutekh caught word of the auction and attempted to persuade Tahemet for the invitation,[2] so that he could get the relic and return it to the tomb.[3]

Later on, they were joined by the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa, who observe Tahemet's lost against a military captain. Tahemet accused the captain of cheating, which led to a fight which saw Bayek eliminating the guards to defend her and Sutekh. Bayek convinced Tahemet to give up her invitiation, which she reluctantly do so by directing him to her villa.[2]

Working for Athames

Following the altercation with the captain, Tahemet was approached by the strategos Athames, who forced her to work for him at the Necropolis of the Nobles or risk being jailed. Tahemet complied and set up at camp at the necropolis, documenting her research on the relics recovered, and secretly on the curse. In time, she discovered a link between the relic used in the curse and the cult of Amun. She later provided the smuggler Merti the details, giving her a scroll of the Ma'at ritual involved.[4]

ACO COTP Blood in the Water 27

Tahemet explaing to Bayek her situation

A while later, Tahemet was found by Isidora, the God's Wife of Amun who chastise her for her involvement in descerating the Egyptian tombs. Tahemet tried to reason with her, explaining that she had no choice and this was the only way she could save the Egyptian history. After Isidora left, Tahemet was found by Bayek, who learned of her work from Merti at the House of the Blue Lotus. Tahemet walked with Bayek to the tomb as she explained what she had found, directing Bayek to tomb now guarded by Athames' men.[4]

At the same time, Tahemet also discovered that the pharaoh Ramesses II was amongst the deceased pharaohs who had been brought back by the relic. Despite her attempt to gain back her losses from the gambling session, Bayek convinced her to hand over her research in good heart, so he could put the pharaoh to rest.[5]



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