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"Egyptian's all! Rome will be your wise Master!"
―Tacito, 38 BCE.[src]

Tacito (died 38 BCE) was a Roman legate who served as Rufio's lieutenant in the Sinai. He was also a member of the Order of the Ancients, using The Executioner as his cryptonym.


Tacito was originally born in Cyrene, Cyrenaica, which was a province of the Roman Republic.[1] Tacito joined the Roman army and by 38 BCE, he joined the Order of the Ancient and became lieutenant under Gaius Julius Rufio. Alongside Ampelius and Ptahmose, Tacito was deployed in the Sinai where he was placed in charge of overseering the Klysma Quarry. During his tenure, Tacito would come into conflict with the native Nabateans, capturing and imprisoning them in the Roman camp. Tacito would stage several executions in the quarry as a message and warning to the workers if they would ever rebel against the Romans.[2]

That year, the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa travelled to the Sinai to assist Tahira and the rebellion against the Romans. Tacito and the other lieutenants were assigned as targets for Bayek to assassinate to lure out Rufio. While giving a speech in the quarry to the workers and the captive rebels, Tacito was assassinated by Bayek, who subsequently freed the remaining captive rebels, intiating a rebellion.[1]




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