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Symposiasts was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Phanos wants to celebrate the successful launch of his newest play, promising Bayek a night he won't soon forget.


Bayek found Phanos sitting on a bench in the amphitheater, and approached him.

  • Phanos the Younger: Thanks again for your help, those metrokoites (motherfuckers) will think twice before attacking my poets again. We will be able to spread our word, and stomp out those filthy untruths, Bayek.
  • Bayek: The regime will fear you, Phanos.
  • Phanos the Younger: They do already! Why do you think my poets are accosted in the street?

Phanos stood up.

  • Phanos the Younger: Bayek, it is finally time to celebrate with my muses.
  • Bayek: Shouldn't you stay to oversee your actors?
  • Phanos the Younger: We must find time to work on the next play. Bayek, you must come.
  • Bayek This celebration better rival my own events in Siwa.

Phanos made to leave the theater, and Bayek followed him.

  • Phanos the Younger: Come, Bayek! This will be an excellent night. Let us hurry! You will be our guest of honor! I remember the celebrations we would have in my house in the better years. Ah, memories.
  • Bayek: They have become less so of late?
  • Phanos the Younger: These Phylakitai suffocate our celebrations. They know nothing of poets. They think they know truth...
  • Bayek: You know it better?
  • Phanos the Younger: Of course. Truth comes from Chaos. Not order.

Bayek followed Phanos to the main road and they mounted horses. They rode towards Phanos' home, until Senu warned Bayek.

  • Bayek: Senu sees something.
  • Phanos the Younger: Bah! There is nothing but Dionysius that way. Come, you should loosen your robes in readiness!

Along the way, they were ambushed by Ptolemy XIII's soldiers.

  • Phanos the Younger: Bayek! Gennadios' phylakitai. I should have known those louts would follow us.
  • Egyptian Soldier: This! This is the fool who puts out that traitorous gibberish! Phanos the Fool!

Bayek and Phanos eliminated the soldiers and continued their way to Phanos' home. They reached the location.

  • Phanos the Younger: Ah, my home finally. Prepare yourself, Bayek. This is a night you will not forget.
  • Bayek: It had better live up to the tales that Aya told!

The alighted from their horses.

  • Bayek: This is grand, Phanos.
  • Phanos the Younger: Bayek. Come! Enter our very own Elysian Fields!

They entered Phanos' home.

  • Phanos the Younger: Welcome to the land of truth, Bayek.
  • Bayek: I can see that, perhaps, Aya left out some details out of her stories.
  • Phanos the Younger: Indeed! This is the perfect place for artist and muse to meet! Drakon! Remember that wine is not only for you. Artemis! Do not throw fruit. This is not the time for your target practice. Come, Bayek!

Bayek followed Phanos to the backyard.

  • Woman: Phanos! Your plays are getting better in age. They are well improved from your previous works.
  • Phanos the Younger: Ever the critic, thank you Leda.
    And this... is it. Where the poets of Alexandria find respite -

Bayek stopped him.

  • Bayek: Wait. Do you hear that?

They listened.

  • Phanos the Younger: Gennadios! His men must have come after us.
  • Bayek: We will deal with this, Phanos. Come, bring your blade.
  • Phanos the Younger: I will fill my ink wells with the blood of those metrokoites.

Bayek and Phanos made their way outside the house. Soldiers were waiting outside.

  • Phanos the Younger: They come, Bayek!
  • Bayek: Let the gods indulge!
  • Greek Soldier 1: Gennadios sends his regards, Phanos!
    Your treasonous filth is cause for death.

Bayek and Phanos fought the soldiers.

  • Greek Soldier 2: Gennadios knows of your ways! You are a plague on Alexandria.
    Phanos! We will wipe your treasonous ass out of here!

They defeated the soldiers.

  • Bayek: Are your people safe, Phanos?
  • Phanos the Younger: Metrokoites! They have slayed some of my muses. Drakon, my favourite poet, will live, thankfully.
  • Bayek: There must be a way to stop them permanently.
  • Phanos the Yoounger: Bayek, we are blood poets now. This is our chance to bring people to our cause!
  • Bayek: Whatever it takes to defend freedom.
  • Phanos the Younger: Give me some time, I will talk to my people, find their strongholds.


Bayek joined Phanos in his home to celebrate his play. He later helped to defend Phanos and his friends from Gennadios' phylakitai.


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