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Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a country in Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. It was formerly a part of the Holy Roman Empire.



In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Italian Renaissance also spread up north into Switzerland, which then influenced individuals like the scholar Bombastus.[1] Several Swiss mercenaries also were employed by Pope Sixtus IV during his pontificate; in the following years, these troops became the foundation for the Papal Guard that was used by the Borgia during the Italian Wars, eventually becoming the modern-day Pontifical Swiss Guard.

Revolutions of the 19th century[]

In the mid-19th century, an Italian escaped rebel, Felice Orsini, had his family living in Zürich while he was on the run. Former English soldier Simeon Price ventured into the country and investigated the city for Orsini's location, but to no avail.[2]

In 1867, Mikhail Bakunin stationed himself in Zürich and was assisted by French Assassin Henri Escoffier. At the time, Henri also founded the Zurich Brotherhood and aided fellow British Assassin Simeon Price and his lover and former Templar Countess Konstanze von Visler learn about the Brotherhood.[3] However, within three years, they learned of von Visler's betrayal and moved their base of operation as a precaution.[4]

Modern times[]

By the time of World War II, Switzerland joined neither the Allies or Axis powers. Switzerland was nonetheless drawn into the conflict, and the Assassin Brotherhood used a cabin in the Swiss Alps as a base to train, supply and lead local Maquis cells in their conflict with the Germans.

After escaping from Abstergo Industries' facility in Rome in September 2012, Lucy Stillman planned to bring her Assassin team to the cabin; however, roadblocks set up at the Italy-Switzerland border forced the group to travel to Monteriggioni instead.[5]

In 2017, in the capital city of Geneva, the Assassin owned and operated Vetulus de Montanis Ltd was investigated by both ex-Erudito hacker My'shell Lemair and Templar Black Cross Juhani Otso Berg only for them to be subsequently attacked by the Instruments of the First Will.[6]

Revival of Project BLUEBIRD[]

On 28 July, the Assassin Tomo Sakagawa tracked the Templar Maxime Gorm's last known location as Switzerland. On 4 October, Tomo began posing as "Dr. Florent Carpentier" and met with Dr. Nathalie Chapman in the Clinique des Rameaux located on Lake Léman, where the amnesiac Elisa Adler was under the alias "Elisa Bouvyer". On 30 October, Chapman reveals that she knew who Tomo was all along, and that Chapman herself is an Assassin and planned to kill Maxime. She then drives Tomo to secret bunker in the Gorges du Pont-du-Diable, which held an Animus Omega inside. Tomo then relives the memories of Alekseï Gavrani.[7]

On 2 November, Hajime Shimada, Tomo's friend arrived in the country and discussed with Tomo how Assassin Boris Pash came into contact with an Apple of Eden, and the need to find Maxime. On 11 November, in Geneva, Tomo and Elisa spend the day together as Elisa revealed that Chapman using an Animus as part of her treatment. Tomo cautions her against it saying she should visit her parents. The next day on Lake Léman, Dr. Chapman returns home only to find the scene of a break-in. However, feigning surrender, Chapman lured the Assassin out and led him to be shot down by her guard, Stanislas. By 15 November, Chapman fled to her other base. Meanwhile, Chapman heard that Tomo was dead as well as the Adler's, with Elisa and Maxime missing.[7]

Using her hypnotic trick on Elisa, who was on the run with Maxime, Chapman controlled her to bring herself and Gorm to her to a helipad in the Swiss Alps. There, they met with Stanislas, who led them to a helicopter with Chapman waiting. As they fly to her base, Chapman revealed her plans and needed Gorm to relive his mother's memories in exchange for both his and Elisa's true memories. After Maxime complied, Chapman continued to the next step, which enacting her own version of Project BLUEBIRD with the Apple of Eden. However, Tomo infiltrated the compound and convinced Elisa to help him. After taking out Stanislas and Maxime, Tomo held Chapman's base hostage with a virus.[8]

Tomo met with Chapman and struck a deal with her. In return of a cure for her systems, he demanded a helicopter and no chase for him and Elisa. Complying, Chapman let them both go, believing she still had control over Elisa's psyche. However, as they left, Tomo activated the truth behind his code and started to malfunction Chapman's cooling system. Once the malfunction proved successful, Chapman's base exploded suddenly, taking her, her staff, and presumably the Apple, too.[8]