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Swiss Stash was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno learned that former Finance Minister Jacques Necker had stored money and valuables, and set out to loot these for the Assassins.


Arno found Necker speaking to an official.

  • Citizen: See that fella over there? Jacques Necker. That's right, Necker! The man we all wanted in charge of the banks! Now look at 'im, poor old codger. Can't even talk his way past a border dog. Bet he's got a thing or two in his luggage, eh? Bet he's got some secrets squirreled away in his pockets, heh. Man like him.
  • Necker: My papers are in order, as you yourself can see.
  • Official: Are they?
  • Necker: Although I am a Swiss citizen, I'm sure you're familiar with the great service I have given to France.
  • Official: Did you?
  • Necker: I very nearly saved the country, my dear fellow. Damn near. As Finance Minister. You would be aware of this, no doubt.
  • Official: Would I?
  • Necker: The Bastille! They tore it down because the king sacked me. He put me back in charge in a trice after that!
  • Official: Did he?
  • Necker: So, you understand that I have every right to return to my native land and spend the remainder of my days sipping hot chocolate on the shores of Lake Constance.
  • Official: Do you?

Arno pickpocketed a letter from Necker.

  • Letter: "Monsieur Necker,
    I have successfully secreted your valuables with three trusted men who can be counted upon to disperse the funds in ways that will allow us to weaken the Revolution in view of returning a monarch to the throne. These men are eminently trustworthy. The locations are as follows: 7 rue St-Jacques, 14 rue St-Geneviève, and the barn at the end of rue St-Jacques.
    Respectfully, your servant --"

Arno looted Necker's stashes of gold, before returning to him.

  • Necker: Really, this is impossible! I'm making a simple trip to my homeland!
  • Official: Are you?

Arno gave the official some of Necker's funds.

  • Arno: Here. I've come across quite a lot of money recently. Take this and buy yourself a barrel of rum. And let this revered gentleman through. He's suffered enough.
  • Necker: Young man! That is extraordinarily kind!
  • Official: It is!


Arno provided the Brotherhood with additional funds by looting Necker's stores of valuables. He also used some of the funds to ensure that the former Finance Minister was allowed to leave France and retire to Switzerland.


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