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The Swedish Rite of the Templar Order is the branch of the Templar Order that operates in Sweden.


In 1748, King Frederik I of Sweden was building his navy with the funding of George II of England in Stockholm's dockyard. The Templars were suspected by the Swedish Assassins of having an increased presence in Stockholm's shipyard, due to the possibility of King George's court being influenced by the British Templars. With the threat of Templar activity in the shipyards and their own limited resources, the Assassins could not comply with Achilles Davenport's request to build a brig and instead recommended that the French Assassins construct the ship.[1]

During the Seven Years' War, the Kingdom of Sweden had lost much of its influence in the Baltic, but the Templar Order was still interested in using it as a strategic location to spy on the Kingdom of Russia.[2] Templar agent and captain Shay Cormac provided fifteen spies to the Templars in Stockholm, to keep Russia's plans under control.[3]





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