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"Before I executed your son, I told him you ordered it yourself. He died believing you had betrayed him."
―Swami's last words to Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, 1228.

Swami (died 1228) was a member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins during the High Middle Ages. After Abbas Sofian became the head of the Order's council, Swami became his right-hand man.


Early life

The son of Farim, Swami was a weak-minded apprentice who refused to learn the proper ways of the Order. He was incompetent and thought himself to be better than the other apprentices, when in reality, he was one of the worst.[1]

Coup d'état

Circa 1226, Abbas Sofian, a high-ranking Assassin, planned a coup d'état to take control of the Levantine Assassins from its temporary leader, Malik Al-Sayf, while the Mentor, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, was absent. Swami joined Abbas in this plan, and he was ordered to kill Sef Ibn-La'Ahad, the son of the Mentor.[1]

Moments before doing so, Swami told Sef that his father, Altaïr, had ordered his death. After successfully killing Sef, Abbas then placed the murder weapon in Malik's bed, framing him, and testified that he heard Malik and Sef arguing that same day. Malik was consequently thrown into prison, and a council was formed to rule the Order, with Abbas at its head.[2]

Return of the Mentor

In 1228, Altaïr, his wife Maria Thorpe, and son Darim returned to Masyaf from Mongolia after having successfully assassinated Genghis Khan, with the aid of Qulan Gal. On their arrival, Swami was sent to greet them, though as he met with Altaïr's family, Swami was asked why they had not been greeted by Rauf as requested.[2]

Swami replied that he had died of fever, though Altaïr had his doubts. Swami also informed Altaïr of the presence of the council, and of Malik's imprisonment. Following this, he also told them that Sef had fled to Alamut, and Altaïr's remaining son Darim left Masyaf to retrieve him.[2]

The next day, Altaïr went to meet the council with Maria, but Swami intercepted their path and led the way. Altaïr met the council, and noticed that they were made of the most weak-minded of the Order. During an argument between Abbas and Altaïr, he was led to believe that Sef was killed by Malik, henceforth his imprisonment.[2]


Altaïr killing Swami

After having saved Malik from prison and hearing the truth about his son's death, Altaïr angrily went to the council. In his absence, Swami was quickly ordered to kill Malik in Altaïr's quarters and behead him, putting Malik's head in a burlap sack.[2]

As Altaïr met with Abbas, they were later joined by Swami, who gave Abbas the burlap sack. Abbas looked into it, before he showed it to Altaïr. After Abbas was done questioning Altaïr, he demanded that the Apple of Eden be given to him, though Altaïr formulated a plan and held out the Apple as he was asked.[2]

When Swami went to retrieve the Apple, he whispered to Altaïr that before he killed Sef, he told Altaïr's son that his own father had ordered his death. With this, Altaïr became enraged with hate and pain, so much so that it was transferred into the Apple.[3]

The Apple's power then forced Swami to take out his dagger and begin to slit his own throat. However, Maria interfered in an attempt to calm Altaïr down, and Swami used the opportunity to stab her in the back. Altaïr swiftly responded by stabbing Swami in the neck with one of his Hidden Blades, killing him.[3]


  • In Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade, Swami killed himself by touching the Apple of Eden and then mutilating himself, but in Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Altaïr used the Apple on Swami before finally killing him with his Hidden Blade, which accidentally caused Maria's death as a consequence.
    • In the novelization of Revelations, the Assassin who taunts Altaïr over Sef's murder is not explicitly named as Swami. He is also stabbed between the eyes as opposed to the throat. Swami's name is also not mentioned in the game.
  • In some cases, replaying the memory "A New Regime" causes Swami to appear with hair.