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Svend (died c. 873) was a Norse tattooist and barber who lived during the 9th century.


A member of the Raven Clan who lived in Fornburg, Norway, Svend served as the chief tattooist of the clan and at one point took in Tove as his apprentice. The two formed a close bond and friendship and eventually, Svend adopted Tove and his daughter.[1]

In 873, after King Styrbjorn ceeded his kingdom to Harald Fairhair, Svend and Tove were some of the residents who opposed Styrbjorn's decision.[2] The two joined Styrbjorn's children Sigurd and Eivor in their exodus from Norway and departed to England, where they settled down in the settlement of Ravensthorpe.[3] There, Svend was built a home and workshop by Eivor, who had been appointed by Sigurd to take charge of the settlement during his absence.[1]

Sometime later, Svend passed away silently in his sleep. His apprentice Tove took over his workshop after his death.[4]

Behind the scenes

Svend is a Danish variant of the name Sven, which in Old Norse means "young man" or "young warrior".

If players started the free Oskoreia Season event before completing the memory "Carrying the Torch", Eivor can find Svend's name and read a one-line memorial carved into the decorated longship in Ravensthorpe commemorating the deceased, as his death in unavoidable in the main storyline.