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"Yeah. Funny thing was that Gavin had no idea how to pilot a ship. I spent some time around boats as a kid, so I got to keep the ship as my own and we agreed to work together, handling issues that were important to both of us."
―Susan on her early partnership with Gavin Banks, 2014.[src]

Susan Drayton is a member of the Canadian Brotherhood of Assassins and the captain of the Altaïr II.


Recruitment and early missions[]

Sometime in 2012, Susan broke into the water supply of her hometown, Prince George, and took a sample of New Fluoride, intending to leak the chemical's composition to the press. As she made her way out of the building, she was arrested, only to be saved by Janice and recruited into the Brotherhood.

Later, Susan attempted to steal a ship, the Altaïr II, in order to chase Japanese whalers, but was stopped by Assassin leader Gavin Banks, who intended to make the ship a mobile HQ for the Assassins. Susan and Gavin came to an agreement to work together, with Susan as the captain of the ship.

Susan and Gavin later rescued Dr. Stephanie Chiu from Abstergo agents in Hong Kong. They recruited Chiu into the Assassins, and she subsequently joined the Altaïr II as the crew's doctor.

Mission to Japan[]

On 11 September 2013, while docked at the Honolulu Harbor, Susan asked Gavin why they were waiting to sail to Osaka, Japan. He reiterated that his contact there was not responding to his communication attempts. After Susan expressed that she did not want to take her ship into an Abstergo trap, Gavin directed Eric Cooper to take the Altaïr II to the Philippines to buy weapons from Philippine gun makers.


Susan (right) with Gavin and Eric

The Altaïr II arrived in Osaka in December, where they discovered that the Assassin safehouse there had been attacked by the yakuza. After determining that the Onmoraki-Gumi were likely responsible, the Assassins began investigating the organization. Susan investigated the local gambling dens on 12 December, but gave up and returned to the ship after being unable to figure out pachinko. The Assassins eventually discovered the Onmoraki-Gumi had been taken over by Assassin Mentor Saeko Mochizuki after she and her fellow Assassins wiped out their leadership in retaliation for the attack on the Assassin safehouse.

On 31 December, the Altaïr II sailed to Tokyo to buy supplies for the next part of their journey. Susan was embarrassed when Eric invited Saeko aboard the ship and she began to express dismay at the state of the ship. Under the direction of Saeko, Susan and Eric cleaned up the ship, after which they were treated to homemade toshikoshi soba.

Spy hunt[]

Shortly after a mission to Moscow resulted in Russian Assassin Galina Voronina joining the ship as Gavin's enforcer, Susan and the rest of the Altaïr II crew were directed by Gavin to find out where William Miles was hiding from a clue in the latter's journal. They deciphered the riddles within to a hidden cove in Norway, and on 1 May 2014 the Altaïr II arrived at William's whereabouts.

When Rebecca Crane began upgrading the systems on the Altaïr II, she discovered that a spy on the ship was uploading reports to a database run by a group called the Initiates. Susan and the rest of the crew, except for Gavin and Galina, were confined to their quarters on the ship until they could be interrogated and cleared of suspicion by William.

On 7 May, Susan was the first crew member interviewed, and she told William about her recruitment into the Brotherhood and how she met Gavin. He questioned if she thought the Initiates had a cause worth fighting for, and Susan told him that, while they seemed smart, she did not think that they had a cause, passion, or reason to exist as far as she could tell.