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"You spread chaos wherever you go... yet you are all known quantities to us. Surtr is not. He rarely emerges from Muspelheim and when he does, he shares little with us."
Malvigr to Odin.[src]-[m]

Surtr also known as Surtur, was an Isu warlord who ruled over Múspellsheimr, a realm inhabited by Muspels. He is also the biological father of the Muspel princess Eysa as well as the half-jötunn Glöð.

Legacy and influence

Long after his passing, humans came to know him in Norse mythology as a fire jötnar and guardian of Múspellsheimr.[1] By the late 9th century, Surtr's legendary nature led Vikings like Eivor Varinsdottir,[2] Galinn,[3] and Vili Hemmingson to describe burning rages or charred objects by invoking the fire giant.[4]

In the 880s, the warrior Hildiran sold a flail called Surtr's Mercy during Eivor's first years as the Raven Clan's new jarlskona.[5]

Millenia later in 2020, Layla Hassan, an Assassin who relieved Eivor's memories, modified her Animus and included a sword named after Surtr in the shieldmaiden's arsenal.[5]




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