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Sunniva was a Viking who served as a scout of the Raven Clan alongside Norvid in England during the 9th century.


As part of her first mission following the settlement of Ravensthorpe, Norvid and Sunniva were sent by Randvi to scout out the neighboring regions ruled by Saxon kingdoms. A while later, Norvid reported back to Randvi in the longhouse on the division of the Saxon territories into shires and the location of their settlement being in Ledecestrescire.[1] When Vikings under Rued from East Anglia led a raid on Ravensthorpe, Sunniva and several other warriors aided Eivor and Randvi in fending off the attackers.[2]

Sunniva was also the overseer of the fistfight matches held during the Yule and Ēostre festivals at Ravensthorpe.[3][4]

When jarl Hemming died, Sunniva met with Eivor and Trygve at Odin's Rest in Snothinghamscire with a gift from the Raven Clan, to help with preparations for his funeral and oversee the safety by posting scouts around Hemthorpe.[5] During her time there she got to know Trygve better, and learned he wanted to commit suicide in the funeral pyre, informing Eivor of his plans. That same day Sunniva informs Eivor of invading Picts and escorted her to the cave where the Picts were hold up.[6] After Eivor rescued Vili Hemmingson from the Picts, she started with preparations for assigning the next jarl at the longhouse in Hemthorpe[7] before returing back to Ravensthorpe with Eivor.



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