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"We've been receiving reports of allied natives working with the British. I've asked my men to put a stop to it."
―Washington, revealing his orders to commence the expedition, 1778.[src]-[m]

The Sullivan Expedition was a military campaign conducted by the Continental Army in 1778, with the aim of disrupting the alliance between Loyalists and Iroquois tribes during the American Revolutionary War. While the expedition was considered a success, it was due to the intervention of the Colonial Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton.


Headed by Major General John Sullivan and Brigadier General James Clinton, the expedition began after Commander George Washington discovered evidence of collaboration between several native tribes, including the Kanien'kehá:ka, and the British Army. Determined to destroy the alliance, Washington dispatched a small force to attack the village of Kanatahséton, burn it, and salt the land, making it uninhabitable. Unknown to Washington, however, the Templar Charles Lee rallied a handful of Kanien'kehá:ka warriors to ambush the Continental camp, determined to keep the Americans out of their land, and an inevitable conflict loomed.

When the Assassin Connor - himself a member of the Kanien'kehá:ka tribe - learned of Washington's plans, he immediately set out from Valley Forge to stop the attack. On his way to the village, he killed whatever messengers Washington had sent to signal the attack, keeping the Continental force from launching their assault.

Connor then rode into Kanatahséton, where he learned of Lee's involvement and recruitment. Moving quickly, he was able to subdue the ambushing Kanien'kehá:ka before they could reach the Continental camp. However, when he confronted the last warrior - his childhood friend Kanen'tó:kon - the latter attacked Connor, accused him of turning against their village, and defended Charles Lee's position. In the ensuing struggle, Connor was forced to kill his old friend, who explained the Loyalists' next moves - a march through Monmouth to reinforce their troops in New York City.


In the aftermath of the expedition, the Continental force returned to Valley Forge to help in the Battle of Monmouth, the Iroquois-Loyalist alliance was broken, and the village was safe. Additionally. the Kanien'kehá:ka considered leaving their home to escape the war, and Connor's trust in Washington, whom he had once defended as a hero to the Colonists, was broken.


  • Historically, the expedition took place in 1779, a year after when it happens in the game.