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Suger's Legacy was a collection of riddles made by the abbot Suger which, when collected, allowed the person to unlock a secret chamber in the Basilica of Saint-Denis where the Eagle of Suger would be found.


Around 1140, the French abbot Suger ordered goldsmiths to update an antique vase with eagle features, creating the Eagle of Suger, which was later rumored to have been commissioned by the prelate to contain a powerful weapon. The rumors were true as Suger had created a sword using the knowledge from an Apple of Eden. At some point, the sword was removed from the vase and hidden in a secret chamber inside the Basilica of Saint-Denis. The knowledge to unlock the secret chamber could only be found once one had collected all the riddles. These riddles were solved by the Assassin Arno Dorian in August 1794, who then collected the sword hidden within.

The Riddles

There were seven riddles scattered all over Saint-Denis. Unlike the Enigmas of Nostradamus where one needed to be familiar with the city around them, the solution to these could easily be found in the library inside the Basilica.

Among these were:


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