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Sugarcane and Its Yields was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward met with James Kidd, and devised a plan to rob a plantation.


Edward met with Kidd on a nearby island.

  • Edward: Why look! It's the bastard son of the late William Kidd! Still a mere boy, and yet... ten times the demon his father was.
  • Kidd: Fancy seeing you here, Kenway, still looking sleek and mean. Did you steal that costume from a dandy in Havana?
  • Edward: No, sir. I found this on a corpse... one that was walking about and talking shite to my face only moments before.
  • Kidd: Ah...
  • Edward: So... what's this I hear about a planned raid on a plantation? Not keeping secrets from me, are you?
  • Kidd: Not very well. Every day schooners packed with sugar sail past, coming from plantations nearby. Most times they stop here to sell off a few crates. There's one man visiting today that'd earn you a fine profit. So if you'd like to rob his plantation, I'll point him out...
  • Edward: I would. Is it a Mister Beckford that owns this plantation?
  • Kidd: That's the man. Owns dozens 'round these islands. And he's bloody rich.
  • Edward: Just the sort I like to see robbed.
  • Kidd: His agent is around here somewhere. Find and follow him, and he'll lead you straight to your prize.

Edward located Beckford's agent talking to a local merchant.

  • Agent: Yes, yes... We trade at prices Mister Beckford knows are fair. And with a quality he knows is sound.
  • Merchant: Aye. 'Tis hearty molasses and raw cane. That's a given.
  • Agent: It gladdens me to hear your saying so. Despite the waywardness of your enterprise here, I understand that you are men of discernment.

Edward tailed the agent.

  • Agent: Beauford. Manning. To me. We've done with this place.
  • Soldier: Aye, sir. What's our course?
  • Agent: We'll return to the plantation and there take stock of our inventory. It was a good harvest this year.
  • Soldier: You might not talk so loud sir. This ain't anything like a friendly port, ken?
  • Agent: Nonsense, man. I had a delightful conversation with a chap just now. We came to quite an understanding.
  • Soldier: As you say, sir.
  • Agent: Haul up and unfold, boys. We're going home!

Edward returned to the Jackdaw and followed the agent's ship.

Sugarcane And Its Yields 4

Jackdaw tailing the agent's ship

  • Adéwalé: Captain. You have the look of a man crafting a bold idea. A look I've seen before.
  • Edward: You mark well, Adé. I've just overheard one of the Beckford men talking grandly about his plantation, and all the cargo he's keeping there. And it gave me the idea that I might take these goods off him, and sell them off for a better price than he'd ever ask.
  • Adéwalé: Ah! A man of vision. I like this idea.
  • Edward: Hold, Adé. There's trouble afore.
  • Adéwalé: I see them!
  • Edward: This man's working for Peter Beckford's people. Do you know them? The Beckfords and their sugar empire?
  • Adéwalé: Aye. The Beckfords and the Draxes. I never worked their plantations, but I knew their names from hearing other men curse them.
  • Edward: But you worked a plantation, no?
  • Adéwalé: A modest one, aye. As a striker in the boiling house.
  • Edward: Boiling house? Was it water they boiled? Or something else?
  • Adéwalé: Cane juices. It's a hard process making sugar. Dangerous too. Must be why it fetches such a dear price.
  • Edward: What's it like toiling on a plantation day and night?
  • Adéwalé: Well, with the cane sugar cut and harvested, it's run between two metal rollers that crush the juice from the plant. After collecting the juice, it was time to boil away the waters from the sugar. This we did in taches made of copper. And let me tell you, breddah. Boiling sugar is near the hottest thing on Earth. Just a touch on the skin will stick like birdlime and burn on, leaving a terrible scar.
  • Edward: Jaysus.

They reached the plantation.

  • Edward: It's a risk to anchor too close. The soldiers roving the plantation would catch us for sure.
  • Adéwalé: Drop here, then, and sneak ashore. We'll look after the Jackdaw.

Edward went ashore, tailing the agent.

Sugarcane And Its Yields 5

Edward tailing the agent across the plantation

  • Agent: What's happened here! Why such disarray?
  • Guard: Bit of a do, sir. That's all. It's Wilmington's birthday.
  • Agent: And you saw fit to get pickled on duty!
  • Guard: It's no bother, sir. We've everything sorted.
  • Agent: We'll soon see, won't we? For you must double the watch this evening.
  • Guard: Double, sir? Whatever for?
  • Agent: I believe I was followed here, young man. By pirates if my eyes honour me, though the ship was uncommonly large for such rascals. Certainly wasn't slavers, though. Not a ship that size. In any case, double the watch! And keep your damned eyes wide for anything suspicious. You up there! Look alive, man! You've a job to do!
  • Guard: Apologies, sir. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  • Agent: For God's sake, what the hell is going on here today? How do you suppose you'll be able to ring that alarm if you're piss drunk and barely able to stand?
  • Guard: Forgive me, sir. I am fit and able. And if I see any strangeness about, you'll hear the bell ringing straight away, I promise.
  • Agent: I'd like to speak to the man in charge here. I require entrance to the warehouse! Which of you dogs has the key to the warehouse? Hm? Is there no one sober here? Fetch me the warehouse key if you please!
    The key, Goddammit! Someone find me the key!

Edward located the keyholder and took his key, after which he and his men robbed the warehouse.


Edward tailed Beckford's agent to the plantation and robbed its warehouse.



A Man O' War makes a scripted appearance in this memory, sailing just in front of Andreas island while Edward is tailing the Agent.


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