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"Subject 15" (died 14 December 2010) was a female subject of Abstergo Industries' experimentation with the Animus, who preceded Clay Kaczmarek and Desmond Miles. She faced obstacles due to her being pregnant at the time of her incarceration, with the subject becoming confused and entering an accelerated state. This was due to the Animus becoming confused by the presence of the fetus within her and attempting to read both her's and the father's genetic memories simultaneously.[1]

Lucy Stillman eventually became concerned with the condition of the subject and advised Warren Vidic to cease exposing her to the Animus. Warren agreed and insisted Lucy take the day off. He then sent an e-mail to Steve Gibbs informing him of the need for "disposal units" at the labs as well as the drafting of a fake accident report by James Morse, implying the termination of the subject.[2]


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