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The waterfall of Styx in Arkadia

In Greek mythology, Styx is the name of a deity and boundary river between the world of the living and the underworld.


During the 5th century BCE a waterfall in Arkadia's Golden Fields region was named the Waterfall of Styx after the river and the deity. It was believed to be the source of the legendary underworld river, as well as harmful to humans, livestock, and objects.[1]

Kassandra also crossed the simulation of the river Styx within the Isu Aletheia's simulation of the Underworld.[2]

The river Styx as well as Charon were also visually manifested in the Animus Black Room simulation of Clay Kaczmarek's memories.[3]


  • According to the story, Achilles' famous invulnerability was the consequence of his mother Thetis dipping him into the waters of the river Styx in his childhood.




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