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Styrbjörn the Strong (died c. 985), was a legendary Scandinavian prince and the son of the Swedish King Olof who was immortalized in the Norse sagas. His original name was Björn Olofsson and Styr- was added by his uncle Eric the Victorious when he grew up, as an epithet meaning that he was restless and violent.

Styrbjörn and his sister, Gyrid, become famous for their feud against their father's successor, their uncle King Eric, gathering allies to overthrow him during the 10th century.[1]

He is an ancestor of Sean Molloy, a 21st century teenager working for the rogue Templar, Isaiah.

Personality and traits

Harald Bluetooth tried multiple times to use the Devotion Prong to influence Styrbjörn but to no avail, as the Prince seemed absolutely immune to its effects hinting that he possessed a strong concentration of Isu DNA.



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