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Overview of the village

Stymphalos (Greek: Στύμφαλος) was a village and a small polis of ancient Greece, located by Lake Stymphalia. In classical antiquity it was located in the Golden Fields region of Arkadia.



In Greek mythology, the area around the village was home to the Stymphalian birds, a group of man-eating birds. When their numbers increased and led to the devastation of crops, Herakles was sent by King Eurystheas to defeat and eliminate the birds as the sixth of his twelve labours.[1][2] As a result, a statue commemorating Herakles' deed was erected on a mountain overlooking the village.[3]

5th century BCE

During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra passed through the village, visiting both the lake and the monument as well.[3]




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