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Striking the Anvil was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek encountered the Siwan blacksmith Benipe, whose tools had been confiscated.


Bayek met Benipe on the streets of Siwa.

  • Benipe: Bayek! Our Medjay! You're back!
  • Bayek: What happened to your blacksmith shop?
  • Benipe: Those neket iadet soldiers. Ptolemy's captain saw me making a sword and accused me of being a rebel.
  • Bayek: He was not wrong.
  • Benipe: They confiscated my tools!
  • Bayek: Bastards. All of Siwa needs a blacksmith. Even me.
  • Benipe: I cannot help you Bayek. Not until I get my hammer and tongs back. And I have to get that ugly-as-Apep captain off my ass!
  • Bayek: Is this captain with the tools somewhere I can find him?
  • Benipe: At the foot of the hills west of here. Camp Shetjeh.
  • Bayek: I will get those tools back, and I will take care of the captain.

Bayek made his way to Camp Shetjeh, eliminating the captain and his guards. Within the camp, he read a note.

  • Urgent:
    Dear Muthis,
    It is important that we keep our foothold in Siwa, or else they will have our heads. I love you with all of my ka; however, no amount of offerings or prayer can replace the will of a warrior. Through a battle we speak to the gods.

In the camp, he recovered Benipe's tools.

  • Bayek: Benipe's tools.

Bayek returned the tools to Benipe.

  • Bayek: Here are your tools. That captain won't ever come back here.
  • Benipe: At last, I can reopen my shop. Many thanks.
  • Bayek: My pleasure.
  • Benipe: I found these weapons I had hidden from the soldiers. Please, choose one for yourself.
    Go ahead, choose one. They are all of equal value.
    That bow uses a special twine. It does not strike deep, but you can shoot very quickly.
    The shield is made with bronze and leather. Good protection - some weapons bounce right off it!
    It is not large, but that mace can crack a skull with the best of them!
    That spear sharp and long. You can keep back and still hurt your enemies.
  • Bayek: Thank you, my friend.
  • Benipe: Come by my shop anytime, Bayek.


Bayek retrieved Benipe's tools and was able to buy and sell weapons and armor from him.


  • If Camp Shetjeh had already been cleared before starting the quest, killing the captain and recovering the tools would not be necessary. The following dialogue would then be showed instead.
    • Bayek: Camp Shetjeh? I think I have already solved your problem, Benipe. And I didn't even know it!
  • Despite being referred to as a mace, the Gruesome Mattock that serves as one of the four optional weapon rewards is actually a war hammer.



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