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Stranger Tides was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was summoned by Darius to meet him in the village of Dyme in Achaia.


In the middle of her journeys, Kassandra received a curious message.

  • Find Me:
    Eagle Bearer, we parted ways after some dire events, and the effects linger even as we continue to move. Look above when you are in the western village in Achaia. You'll find me there.
  • Kassandra: I should go to Dyme and see who this is is...

Kassandra set sail for Achaia and made her way to the Istion Valley, where the village of Dyme stood. On the roof of a house on top of the hill, a familiar, yet still mysterious, hooded man crouched in wait for her.

  • Kassandra: Darius. He's even sneakier than me...

She climbed the building and spoke with him.

  • Kassandra: Darius. Do you ever rest?

He laughed half-heartedly at her remark.

  • Darius: After Makedonia, after the Huntsman... Nowhere in the Greek world will ever be safe. Not for us. We can never rest. We can never stop running.

  • Kassandra: The Order have your scent and mine. If you stay still for too long—
  • Darius: Natakas dies. All we can do is keep moving.

He looked down.

  • Darius: Even if all I want is to stay.
  • Kassandra: I don't see Natakas—

  • Kassandra: No home, no connections... Sounds like a lonely life.
  • Darius: But it's still life, Kassandra. And the alternative...
    Better a lonely life than no life at all.
  • Kassandra: Will Natakas join us?

  • Darius: That's why I sent the note.
  • Kassandra: Trouble?
  • Darius: We came to Achaia seeking a ship bound for distant shores. A simple plan, but like so many simple plans...
  • Kassandra: It got complicated.

He turned her attention to the fleet sailing northeast.

  • Darius: That fleet is bound for Patrai. It's not the first. Something there is not right. Relentless military patrols, naval blockades... Natakas went to secure us a boat out, but he hasn't returned.

(Asked "What do you think happened to Natakas?")

  • Kassandra: You must have some idea about what happened to Natakas.
  • Darius: He's smart. Knows to keep to the shadows. With this much military power stationed in Achaia, he's more likely hiding than—

Darius paused, thinking of the word "dead," and it saddened him to associate that word with his son. Kassandra reassured him.

  • Kassandra: He's out there, Darius.

(Asked "What is happening in Patrai?")

  • Kassandra: What do you think is going on here?
  • Darius: Something big. Natakas may have learned more about what's happening there. It could be the Order.
  • Kassandra: All the more reason to find him.

(Leave – "We'll find Natakas.")

  • Kassandra: Natakas won't be hard to find.

Darius looked towards the eastern road.

  • Darius: He took that road to Patrai.
  • Kassandra: Then that's where we start.
  • Darius: Follow me.

Darius walked to the edge, spread his arms like an eagle, and leapt into a dive. He flipped forward in midair and landed safely on his back into a thick bale of hay below. Kassandra scoffed at his athletic feat.

  • Kassandra: Mmm, I've done it from higher.

Before she could follow, a watchman yelled at her for being on the roof.

  • Roof Guard: Hey! Hey you! You on the roof!
  • Kassandra: Yes?
  • Roof Guard: That's not your roof!
  • Kassandra: You're right.

Rather than risk provoking the rooftop guard, Kassandra walked to the edge.

  • Roof Guard: People always jumping off roofs around here... Better put down more hay.

Kassandra performed the same leap into the pile of hay below.

  • Roof Guard: Oh no! No-no-no! She jumped!

She climbed out of the hay to join Darius.

  • Darius: Follow me.

They mounted horses and rode out of Dyme towards Patrai.

  • Darius: Something happened to Natakas between here and Patrai. We must find him.
  • Kassandra: We will, Darius. We will.

They rode through the valley.

  • Kassandra: After Makedonia, but before Achaia—what were you and Natakas doing?
  • Darius: Surviving.
  • Kassandra: Hmm. Sounds boring.
  • Darius: You were hoping I would entertain you with grand tales from my legendary adventures?
  • Kassandra: Well... yes.
  • Darius: We've kept to the shadows. Stayed away from people. Dull is safe, Kassandra. Adventure... is not.

They reached a fork in the road ahead. Kassandra groaned.

  • Kassandra: And the path splits. Natakas will be hard to find.
  • Darius: Of course. That's how I raised him. Let's see if we can pick up his trail.

They dismounted and inspected the two paths, searching for clues that would suggest the direction Natakas took. They began with the weapons resting at the tip of the fork.

  • Kassandra: These weapons belonged to a soldier, not Natakas.
  • Darius: Keep looking.

Kassandra inspected the left path and announced her findings loudly enough for Darius to hear.

  • Kassandra: Hmm. Heavy armor. And blood. But no body.
  • Darius: Natakas must have been in a hurry to leave such a mess.

She found some military supplies further up the left path.

  • Kassandra: Darius, there is no sign of Natakas. Just supplies and military equipment.
  • Darius: He's staying out of sight. Good.

Having found the three clues, Darius summoned her back.

  • Darius: Kassandra, over here.

Kassandra walked back to him.

  • Darius: A path leading up to the mountains. Let's go.

They re-mounted their horses and rode towards the mountains.

  • Kassandra: How are you so sure Natakas went this way?
  • Darius: Sometimes you have to look further and think harder. There were guards at the bridge. Didn't you see? It was too exposed. Natakas would know better.

They continued east, then southeast. As they rode up the hill, they were ambushed.

[This could easily be out of order and missing some. Dialogue just kept firing one line after another at full gallop.]

  • Darius: Ambush!
  • Kassandra: I can see that.
  • Greek Soldier: Think you can sneak around Achaia?! Kill them!

They could not outrun them and resolved to fight.

  • Darius: Cut them down, Kassandra!
  • Greek Soldier: The Tempest's word is law!
  • Kassandra: Working on it.
  • Darius: We can't outrun them!
  • Hektor: Ooh, this one's Persian!
  • Kassandra: Don't need to outrun them!
  • Darius: You have a plan?
  • Kassandra: Violence!

They defeated the ambush and continued along the path, finding more ambushers to the east.

  • Greek Soldier: Cut them down!
  • Greek Soldier: Stop right there!

After slaying the soldiers, Kassandra commented on the ambush.

  • Kassandra: Not exactly a warm welcome to Patrai.
  • Darius: The military keep a close eye over every route in and out of the city. They don't like people sneaking around.
  • Kassandra: Then they'll love us.

Darius discovered tracks.

  • Darius: Tracks!
  • Kassandra: Natakas?
  • Darius: Our ambushers. If we follow their trail—
  • Kassandra: We might find clues about what happened to Natakas.

They continued east towards the Teichos of Herakles. At the foot of the sheer cliff to the east, Darius bid her to dismount and follow him.

  • Darius: Kassandra, over here!

They spied a camp full of soldiers lying in wait. They crouched down.

  • Kassandra: They're searching for something.
  • Darius: Look at their body language. They want blood.
  • Kassandra: They'll get it.
  • Darius: We need a plan. If Natakas is hiding here, he could be drawn into heavy battle.

  • Kassandra: If we move quietly, we can pick off the guards one by one.

Darius was pleased with her answer.

  • Darius: A wise plan, Eagle Bearer.

They stood and started towards the soldiers.

  • Darius: Clear the perimeter. Quietly.

They advanced on the camp through the bushes.

  • Darius: Be fast. Be silent.

They reached a large bush and got into position. There were five guards in total.

  • Greek Soldier: Look for the Persian! He might still be here.

Kassandra advanced on the guard.

  • Darius: Quietly, Eagle Bearer.

Darius directed her to take the nearby guard while he advanced on another.

  • Darius: You take that one. I'll take this one.
  • Greek Soldier: Search the area! He might be hiding.

Darius assassinated his target.

  • Darius: This kill's mine.

Kassandra assassinated her target. Darius complimented Kassandra's efficacy.

  • Darius: A good kill.

Kassandra killed the third guard, then the fourth, and finally the fifth.

(If discovered)
  • Darius: We've been spotted.
    Leave no guards alive! Word of our presence cannot reach Amorges and the Order.

  • Kassandra: We're here for Natakas. And it will be a bloodbath for our enemies.

She stood up and headed towards the soldiers.

  • Darius: Kassandra!

He stood up and hurried towards her, insisting on stealth.

  • Darius: Kassandra! No! We need a plan!
  • Darius: There are consequences for rushing in without thinking! We must take a quiet approach.
  • Greek Soldier: Look for the Persian! He might still be here.

Kassandra advanced on the nearest soldier.

  • Darius: You better know what you're doing.

Kassandra engaged the soldiers in open combat.

  • Darius: Leave no guards alive! Word of our presence cannot reach Amorges and the Order.

After slaying the last guard, Kassandra wondered where Natakas could be.

  • Kassandra: Natakas... He should be around here.

As Kassandra began inspecting the clearing, Natakas revealed himself, along with a little girl. Kassandra turned around and smiled at him.

  • Kassandra: Natakas...

  • Kassandra: Told you we'd meet again. "Trust me," I said.
  • Natakas: It must be hard for you, being right all the time.
  • Kassandra: It's a burden I do my best to bear.
  • Natakas: Well. I'm glad to see you, Kassandra.

  • Natakas: You're late.

Kassandra laughed with amusement.

  • Kassandra: Am I?
  • Natakas: Oh, yes. We were supposed to meet again. "Trust me", I said. I made a big deal about it. Sounded confident and everything.
  • Kassandra: Next time I'll do my best to arrive earlier.
  • Natakas: Make sure that you do. I'm glad to see you, Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: The truth is, I'm here because your father contacted me.

Natakas' face fell. He looked very disappointed.

  • Natakas: Of course.

  • Kassandra: And I'm glad to see you. When I heard you might be in trouble—
  • Natakas: You jumped on your horse and raced to the rescue?
  • Kassandra: I'm not sure you needed rescuing.
  • Natakas: Still.

Darius ran up to them, cutting their conversation short. He gently pulled Natakas close.

  • Darius: My son.

Natakas smiled to him, then turned to Kassandra.

  • Natakas: There's something else.

The child piped up.

  • Child: We need to find my mater!
  • Natakas: There are still people who need our help. People who've been stranded in Achaia.
    The soldiers took them to a fort not far from here.
  • Kassandra: I'll go there now.
  • Darius: More soldiers could come looking. If we leave the bodies out here, it may attract unwanted attention.
  • Natakas: I'll gather the others while you hide the bodies.

Darius nodded in agreement and went to do the task. Natakas turned to Kassandra.

  • Natakas: The stranded people are at the fort on top of the cliff. Return safely.

Kassandra nodded.

  • Child: Bring my mater back to me! Please...


Kassandra and Darius found Natakas and with him a child, whose mother was taken prisoner at a nearby fort. Kassandra agreed to help out.


  • On most occasions, Darius simply charges through the ambushes and keeps riding, regardless of how the dialogue might suggest otherwise. When he gets far enough away from the player, the dialogue simply ceases altogether, causing a good deal of it to be skipped. If Darius' horse is killed, however, he will help fight the ambushers, continue on foot until finding a conveniently placed replacement horse, and the dialogue proceeds normally.
  • Skipping the conversation with Darius outside the enemy perimeter defaults his dialogue to assume that the player is charging in loudly and without a plan, even if they use stealth to eliminate the soldiers.


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